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Affiliations are one of the defining characteristics of your Captain. They can be obtained by choosing certain Facets, or by recruiting Officers. Some storylets, prospects and dialogue options depend on what Affiliations levels you have.
There is currently no known way to lower your Captain's personal Affiliations, but it is possible to raise and lower your effective Affiliations by choosing which Officers you appoint at any given time.

There are four different affiliations.

Affiliation Description
Affiliationacadame icon.png Affiliation: Academe Your associates among scholars and scientists.
Affiliationbohemia icon.png Affiliation: Bohemia Your associates among artists, authors, poets, and dreamers.
Affiliationestablishment icon.png Affiliation: Establishment Your associates among the authorities, the moneyed, and the aristocracy.
Affiliationvillainy icon.png Affiliation: Villainy Your associations among thieves, outcasts, and pirates.



Each origin story for new characters has an affiliation associated with it.

Origin Subgroup Affiliation bonus
Originurchin icon.png Origin: Urchin All
Originsoldier icon.png Origin: Soldier In the Royal Horse Guards
In the Corps of Royal Engineers
In the Commissariat
Originpoet icon.png Origin: Poet All
Originacademic icon.png Origin: Academic All
Originpriest icon.png Origin: Priest A Bright-Eyed Sequencer
The Bishop of Southwark
Your parishioners
Originzeecaptain icon.png Origin: Zailor You smuggled
You explored
You bought and you sold
Ministryliterature icon.png Origin: Auditor All
Flag icon.png Origin: Revolutionary With your feet and your fists
With your mind
With your art

Some later Facets also offer the opportunity to increase your affiliations.

Facet Name Unlocked With Subgroup Affiliation bonus
Pastmentor icon.png Past: Mentor SS round icon.png Level 3 A Blind Bruiser
Smokinggun icon.png Past: The Battlefield SS round icon.png Level 3

Originsoldier icon.png Origin: Soldier

In defeat
In victory
Langleyhall icon.png Past: Fifteen Minutes of Fame SS round icon.png Level 3

Originpoet icon.png Origin: Poet

You flourished, like a rose in the sun
Unlicensedchart icon.png Past: Your Masterpiece SS round icon.png Level 3

Originacademic icon.png Origin: Academic

A marvel of engineering
Searingenigma icon.png Past: A Letter of Resignation SS round icon.png Level 3

Ministryliterature icon.png Origin: Auditor

your compromised allegiances
Devilshell icon.png Deed: A Knight of the Brazen Brigade Devilshell icon.png A Marcher in the Brazen Brigade = 616 (Arise, Knight of the Brazen Brigade.) You share their ideals
Mad, bad, and dangerous to know
Mirrors icon.png Deed: the Witness Pan icon.png A Friend to the Heart-Catchers = 40 (Henceforth, you may seek audiences with the First of the Heart-Catchers.) Poetry
Bloody icon.png Deed: The Final Month Bloody icon.png Winter's Reside: Something More Than Revolutionary = 5 (You have dined with December.) For the hope of a better future
For the sake of revenge


Name Position Recruited / Promoted Affiliation bonus
Clayconductor icon.png Clay Conductor First Officer
Incognitoprincess icon.png Analytical Princess First Officer
Repentantdevil icon.png Repentant Devil Signaller
Repentantdevil icon.png Repentant Devil Signaller
Incognitoprincess icon.png Incognito Princess First Officer
Incognitoprincess icon.png Poetical Princess First Officer
Incautiousdriver icon.png Incautious Driver Chief Engineer
Incautiousdriver icon.png Judicious Driver Chief Engineer
Incautiousdriver icon.png Reckless Driver Chief Engineer
Inconvenientaunt icon.png Inconvenient Aunt Quartermaster
Inconvenientaunt icon.png Your Spymaster Aunt Quartermaster
Ratbrigade icon.png The Ratty Reunion Chief Engineer
Fatalisticsignalman icon.png Fatalistic Signaller Signaller
Sigil4 icon.png 'Signs & Signals of the High Wilderness: an Omnibus' Signaller
Ratbrigade icon.png The Rat Brigade Chief Engineer
Ratbrigade icon.png The Ratty Revengers Chief Engineer
Inconvenientaunt icon.png Your Revolutionary Aunt Quartermaster