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A possible chart of Albion

Albion is one of the four regions found in the the High Wilderness.


The heart of London's celestial empire, illuminated by the greatest feat of British engineering to date: a clockwork sun! While the cream of society enjoy tea in their salons and scandal in their newspapers, the wheels of British industry thunder.

The Empress Victoria reigns from her Throne of Hours, exerting authority over time itself. Her favourites are rewarded with freshly-minted months to prolong their lives, while those who displease her are condemned to the Midnight Cells, where every minute lasts a day, and no one leaves until their hair is white and their bones are bent.

New industries flourish. Unseasoned hours are mined in the Reach, then shipped to Albion to be refined on soot-choked workworlds. Casks of stamped and seasoned hours are then delivered to Her Majesty, to be dispensed at her pleasure.

The Windward Company maintains a stranglehold on the trade in hours; but a bold captain could make a tidy living running unlicensed hours to interested parties...


Name Circle in Albion Log Entries
London icon.png London Centre The excited shriek of train-whistles. The hiss of steam. The clamour of countless voices. London.

You near London, where Her Renewed Majesty reigns from the Throne of Hours.

London icon.png The Ministries Centre (none)
London icon.png Wit & Vinegar Lumber Company Centre (none)
Brabazon icon.png The Brabazon Workworld Outer Listen: the roar of a workworld's factories. A leviathan of industry.

The sky smells of smog and furnace-fires. You near the workworld - where debtors, the poor, and the sick are put to use.

Serenemausoleum icon.png The Most Serene Mausoleum Outer A stoker sings a patriotic anthem: "She laid him in the stone's grey grip, My love no more is he; O Albion, I've no consort but thee."

Here the sky has the hum of country graveyards.
This is a place of sky-tombs and stone angels, where the dead sleep.

Worlebury icon.png Worlebury-juxta-Mare Outer A colourful constellation gleams in the window: the gaudy lights bedecking a seaside town.

"Wouldn't mind calling at Worlebury," a crewman declares. "Won two bob at the hook-a-rat stall there, once."

Avidhorizon icon.png Avid Horizon Outer "I can hear the zee!" a grizzled crewman cries. "Listen! Lapping like a cat at cream!"

You near the Avid Horizon, the door that led London into the Heavens. It is closed fast, now.

Perdurance icon.png Perdurance Outer "I've heard no one grows old in Perdurance," a crewman says. "Nor hungers, nor sorrows," says another. "Nor leaves," your signaller adds.

You approach Perdurance, where the brightest and most beautiful of London's youth are conserved like jewels in a glass case.

Clockworksun icon.png The Clockwork Sun Outer The light of the Clockwork Sun oozes into your cabin like rancid honey.

The rays of the Clockwork Sun bathe your locomotive. A bright-eyed engineer breaks into a hymn. The conductor hurries to close the window-shutters.
You risk a direct glance at the Clockwork Sun. It is the gold of toffee-wrappers, not of fire.

Floatingparliament icon.png The Floating Parliament Outer A bleak place, high and windy as a heathered moor.

"What's that?" a crewman asks, peering from the window. "Parliament," answers his colleague. "What's that?" the first one repeats.
You near parliament, which was transported brick-by-brick from the Neath, lovingly rebuilt in London-in-the-Sky, then exiled here when it proved incapable of doing what it was bloody well told.

Royalsociety icon.png The Royal Society Outer A clattering on the hull. Pebbles, carried by the wind from the stony Ormswold.

"Yonder lies the Airy," an engineer informs you. "The very roost of science!"

Permanent Discoveries[]

Name Circle in the Reach Log Entries Notes
Well of the Wolf Outer "Don't look into the well, captain. The thing inside looks back." Also increases Terror on approach.
Shows on the map as a large vortex.
Wreck of the Boatman Outer A black hulk in the mist - an old necropolis train. It's a long way from its route. Found near The Royal Society


Name Circle in the Reach Type Log Entry
The Dead Sun(name?) Outer Horror The still-cooling corpse of a sun shudders, far below. Its fires have failed. Its light have died.

You fly over a dead sun. Its blackened remnants immortalise Her Enduring Majesty's conquest of this quarter of heaven.

Skyhenge Outer Horror The ruins are arranged in a ring, like the strokes on a clockface, or the monoliths of Stonehenge.

Old, cold ruins stand here, the work of a conquered sun.

The Avid Horizon Outer Horror In this place that is two places, the sky remembers the sea.
The Clockwork Sun Outer Horror The sun's light throbs in your windows, washed-out and wan.
Tower of Chimes Outer Wonder A giant has fallen.

"His own self," a crewman sniffs. "The very Biggest of Bens."
"Listen!" A crewman hisses. "It's good luck if you hear him chime."

St Anthony's Lighthouse Outer Horror A lighthouse, grey and slender, watches over the misty sea.

A lighthouse looms from the mists. A thin platform would allow you to dock.
Queasy light pushes through the mists. A lighthouse.

Region Hub Ports Discoveries / Spectacles
The Reach Newwinchester icon.png New Winchester Carillon icon.png Carillon

Hybras icon.png Hybras
Naturereserve icon.png Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's
Circus icon.png Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus
Portavon icon.png Port Avon
Portprosper icon.png Port Prosper
Titania icon.png Titania
Traitorswood icon.png Traitor's Wood
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Signalbox icon.png An Abandoned Signal Box

Default icon.png Faith's Fall
Well green icon.png Old Tom's Well
Regentsgrave icon.png Regent's Grave
Rose icon.png The Flowerfields
Default icon.png The Regent's Tears
Wreckgeneric icon.png The Silent Saint
Reach icon.png The War of Fossils
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Parzifal

Albion London icon.png London Avidhorizon icon.png Avid Horizon (The Stair to the Sea)

Perdurance icon.png Perdurance
Brabazon icon.png The Brabazon Workworld
Clockworksun icon.png The Clockwork Sun
Floatingparliament icon.png The Floating Parliament
Serenemausoleum icon.png The Most Serene Mausoleum
Royalsociety icon.png The Royal Society
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays
Worlebury icon.png Worlebury-juxta-Mare

Default icon.png Skyhenge

Lantern icon.png St Anthony's Lighthouse
Avidhorizon icon.png The Avid Horizon
Well purple icon.png Well of the Wolf
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Boatman

Eleutheria Pan icon.png Pan Achlys icon.png Achlys

Caduceus icon.png Caduceus
Eaglesempyrean icon.png Eagle's Empyrean
Langleyhall icon.png Langley Hall
Piranesi icon.png Piranesi
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The House of Rods and Chains
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Default icon.png The Xanthous Moon

Well yellow icon.png The Well of Wonders
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Berrenger

The Blue Kingdom Tolltower icon.png Sky Barnet Deathsdoorstep icon.png Death's Door (The Shadow of the Sun)

Forgeofsouls icon.png The Forge of Souls
Whitewell icon.png The White Well (Wellmouth)
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relay

Deathsdoorstep icon.png Horologion