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Your Ambition
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Ambitions are one of the defining characteristics of your Captain. The Ambition one selects in the beginning of the game will determine how they may eventually end it. Completing an Ambition ends your Captain's career, and you start again with a new Captain from the same Legacy.

The Wealth or Fame ambitions are recommended for new Captains and can, if desired, be completed within the realms of The Reach and Albion. The Martyr-King's Cup ambition is only available if previous Captains completed a questline involving the Most Serene Mausoleum.

Your Ambition[]

What does success mean to you?


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
You want a comfortable retirement. And by 'comfortable', you mean 'extravagant'.
Many have made their fortunes out among the stars. Many more have failed, broken and lost in the drifting night. Will you be different? To win, gather a substantial retirement fund, acquire lodgings at a hub port, and retire.
    • Sovereigns icon.png Ambition: Wealth = 10 [Raise enough capital to purchase property in London, Pan or New Winchester]

You will immortalise your exploits in the Song of the Sky.
For centuries, people have launched themselves into the unknown in the hope of making a name for themselves. You're sure you'll succeed. After all, you never heard of anyone who didn't. Gather stories of your exploits, and write about them in New Winchester.
The Truth
Even the stars have secrets. But they won't keep them from you.
A message from an old friend begins an unwise quest to learn a secret that the stars hide. What drives you? Curiosity? Justice? Insolence? Whatever it is, It will be tested. Be warned: this is a demanding ambition, best played by a lineage that has already completed Wealth or Fame.
The Martyr-King's Cup
There are legends of a chalice that grants eternal life. Such an idea is impossible – to ignore.
Your predecessor spoke occasionally of the Chamberlain's journal and the Martyr-King's Cup. Ever since you heard those stories, your dreams have been bathed in moonlight. Beware: this ambition can be failed. If you fail, you will be able to choose another Ambition to pursue. A future captain may succeed.