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An Abandoned Signal Box
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Category Story Event
Type Story
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An Abandoned Signal Box is a Sunless Skies Story Event.

Log Entries[]

A spidered signal box, foggy with webs. Once, it was part of the Isambard Line: an old folly.
Thanks to its coat of vines, this overgrown signal box of the Isambard Line retain its structural integrity, if not its dignity.

Story description[]

"Signal Box(Description)

Inside, beneath a desk covered with rusted levers, is a luggage trunk. Captains in dire need can borrow from the cache inside, but custom dictates they must later replenish it. "

Trigger conditions[]

Area: Limbo
Frequency: Always (100%)


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Recruit a Fatalistic Signalman
You detect a whiff of cigarette smoke as you enter. A man in a grey uniform and grey bowler rises from a chair. "Evening. I don't suppose you're looking for a signaller?" He does not sound hopeful. How long has he been waiting here?

Game note: The Fatalistic Signalman is an officer: a signaller who increases your Mirrors by 6, Veils by 2, and Villainy by 1.

A break from duty
He is startled by your response. "Oh. Right. Was expecting you to say no, to be honest."

You ask what he was doing here. "I work the Isambard Line. I'm the last one, I suppose. Hitch rides between the boxes, make repairs, sweep up a bit. But I could do with a change of scene." He seems unsure.

"Well, I'd better get my things together." He picks up a modest holdall, and checks his hat is on his head. "Yes, I think that's everything. After you, Addressed As(SpeechFormal)."

Game note: You can appoint the Fatalistic Signalman to be your signaller when you are docked in port.

Advanced query needs investigation

Deposit the Signalman at the Battered Signal Box
The latch is broken, allowing the signal-box door to bang in the wind. "I won't be long," he promises, "if you don't mind waiting."
Closing up
Inside, skeletal leaves are scattered across the floor. Locating a broom, the Signalman sweeps it clear.

Then he turns his attention to the door. Repairing it is an awkward job for one pair of hands, so you lend him yours. The two of you work in easy silence, one holding while the other hammers; one measuring while the other trims. When you have rehung the door it swings easily on its freshly-oiled hinges, the latch dropping firmly into place.

"Good job well done," he says, as if that is thanks enough. Shutting the door carefully behind him, he hops back onto your locomotive.
Deposit the Signalman at the Overgrown Signal Box
"Look at the state of this place," he grumbles. "Cut it away and it grows back. Fruitless bloody job."
Tidying up
Despite his complaint, he prunes away at the vine as neatly as a widow at her window-box. Some recent visitor has left cigarette butts and unwashed cutlery scattered about; the Signalman tidies them away.

Then, taking a key from his pocket, he unlocks a drawer and removes a stuffed envelope from it. It contains old newspaper clippings about the construction of the Isambard Line. Their tone is breathless, exalting the vision of the Quixotic Squire. "Easy to forget people actually thought we'd manage it," the Signalman muses. He stuffs the envelope under one arm.

"All done," he says, clambering back aboard.
Deposit the Signalman at the Scorched Signal Box
He wrinkles his nose at the old, sooty scent of smoke that still clings to the place.
Turning the lights off
"Some idiot left a candle burning here a year or so ago. Fire made a right mess before the Peacock-wind smothered it. Then marauders started using the old girl for target practice." He pats the wall, sympathetically. "Took me a month to fix her up again, and I've never got rid of the smell."

He gives the signal box a good airing, opening the windows and letting the biting wind blow through. Shivering, he flicks through the ledger attached to the skyfarer's cache, and gives a satisfied nod.

Before he leaves, he shuts the windows and blows out the lamp. "Can't be too careful."
Deposit the Signalman at the Spidered Signal Box
He steps from your engine's footplate onto the signal box's porch. "I'm not an admirer of spiders, if I'm frank. Anyway, I shan't be long. Cup of tea?"
Putting things in order
He brushes away the worst of the cobwebs, and removes several spiders using a jam-jar he keeps in a drawer for this exact purpose. "This place'll be the death of me," he mutters.

He brews you a cup of tea in a battered old kettle on a battered old stove. Then he tips it away and brews you another one that doesn't have boiled spiders in it.

Examining the skyfarer's cache and the accompanying ledger, he tuts. "Someone's taking out without giving back. Stupid. Sooner or later, the Burrower will get their scent. Anyway, finished your tea?" You return to your locomotive.
Read the ledger
Captains who withdraw from the cache (should) note their name and ship, and what they took. Occasionally, they add anecdotes.

Game note: You will gain a Vision of the Heavens or Sky-Stories.

A recent entry
The hand writing is poor, but legible. Captain Ledger Randomiser(Captain) Ledger Randomiser2(Deposited). There is a column for 'miscellaneous notes'. Sky Story Randomiser(Notes)

Advanced query needs investigation

Rare event (33%)
A recent entry
The hand writing is poor, but legible. Captain Ledger Randomiser(Captain) Ledger Randomiser2(Deposited). There is a column for 'miscellaneous notes'. Vision of Heavens Randomiser(Notes)
Raid the cache
A captain who takes from a cache must later replenish it. This may mean enemy aids enemy, rival succours rival. Better that, than bad luck.

Advanced query needs investigation

Rare event (20%)
Resupply the cache
You have a skyfarer's debt. If you leave it unpaid, your crew fear it will bring bad luck.
    • Sovereigns icon.png Debt ≥ 1 [You have accrued debt. Your crew may become anxious while it hangs over you]

This place was a folly. Already nature strives to claim it. It's not a place to linger.
The stokers work vigorously. This place makes them yearn for the riotous camaraderie of New Winchester.


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