Sunless Skies Wiki

You create your Captain as in Sunless Sea, but with a number of twists to the formula.

Create your Captain[]

You will create your captain when beginning a new game, or continuing after a previous captain has perished.

Today, London lies between the stars. Her new empire unfolds across the heavens.
But ten years ago - before the northern gate was opened; before the Enduring Empress led her people into the skies it lay in a vast cavern far beneath the Earth. Deep. Dark. Marvellous.


First you will choose your captain's Origin. Eight main origins are currently available, and each will give a bonus to a particular skill. Within those main origins is a choice of three further options, awarding a bonus to a second skill.

Will their origin be a cunning street urchin, a condemned scientist, or a starving poet? The first favours the skill of Veils, used to deceive and evade. The last increases the skill of Hearts, used to convince and endure.
Your decision will also affect your Affiliations: the circles you move in. Do you surround yourself with well-bred society? Or do you prefer the company of more honest villains?

See the Origins section of the Facets page for more information on choosing your Captain's origin.


Next you will choose your Ambition and set your own victory condition for the game. Perhaps you want to retire to a life of luxury, or chart the farthest corners of the Wilderness. Perhaps you will not rest until you have won a throne of your own.

There are three Ambitions that are available from the start: Heirloomwealth icon.png Ambition: Wealth and Heirloomsongofthesky icon.png Ambition: The Song of the Sky, and Dyingstar icon.png Ambition: the Truth.


Finally you can pick your captain's name and term of address, and create your own cameo from a choice of image parts. It's possible to randomise the cameo, or even randomise your captain entirely.

You will have the option of reviewing and changing your captain's skills, affiliations and appearance before they are created.


As you play, your progress through stories will be tracked in your journal, showing at-a-glance the steps you've taken and your next goal.

As your captain increases in power you'll choose new Facets. In addition to affecting your skills, each Facet reveals more about your past. Did you learn the importance of subtlety because of a Feud with your Mentor? Do you still bear the scars of the Battle of the Horizon?

Sometimes, your accomplishments in the game will unlock new Facets. Perhaps you will become the Hero of New Winchester, or a Bloody-Handed Murderer of Suns.


In-game, your captain's Skills, Affiliations, Port Reports and Peculiarities can be viewed in the Profile icon.png Profile tab.