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Cargo are items available for trade between ports at shops, and take up space in the ship's hold. With the exception of Fuel, Supplies, and Petrichor, the buying and selling of cargo items through regular shops costs the same, netting no loss or profit.

Cargo can also be obtained or used in various actions, or bought at a Bazaar as Bargains.

Value, Bargains and Prospects[]

Cargo can be purchased for below market price using Bargains, and sold for above market price using Prospects. They can also be purchased at market price from various ports and sold at market price at main hubs.

Unlike other cargo, Fuel and Supplies can be bought from main hubs as well as man other ports, and they sell for half as much.

Table of Fuel and Supplies
Cargo Buy Price Sell Price
Fuel 20 10
Supplies 40 20
Petrichor 60 30

The gain per cargo below assumes acquiring the cargo via most common bargains and later selling it via a common prospect. Higher and lower profit can be made from some rare bargains and prospects. The reward for completing a normal prospect is usually a Savage Secret, Vision of the Heavens, Sky-Story or Salon-Stewed Gossip as well as 100-200 experience.

Table of Cargo Values
Cargo Market Bargain Prospects Gain per Cargo
Verdant Seeds 40 25 80-90 55
Nostalgic Crockery 50 40 110 70
Crate of Munitions 60 40 60-120 80
Undistinguished Souls 70 45-55 150 95
Unseasoned Hours 80 45-55 155-170 100
Dried Tea 90 70 190-210 140
Approved Literature 100 60-70 90-210 120
Chorister Nectar 120 80-100 240 140
Stained Glass 135 105-110 275-300 165
Bombazine 150 115 209-275 135
Bronzewood 175 135 295-350 160
Caged Catch 200 125-170 365-400 195
Immaculate Souls 250 165-215 460 245
Gemstones 300 200-250 475 225

Illicit cargo can be bought from The Gentlemen in Eleutheria, Wit & Vinegar Lumber Company in Albion, and Titania in The Reach. Each location will buy back the cargo that it sells for a drastically reduced price. The cargo must be smuggled to a different region to be sold for a profit. The gain per cargo below assumes purchasing the cargo at the appropriate port and selling it via prospect. The reward for completing smuggling prospects is much greater than that of common cargo: 1000-2000 sovereigns and either 2-3 of a common possession or one of the rarer ones such as a Crimson Promise, Invitation to Perdurance or Favour Bestowed. These items, unlike other kinds of cargo, may not be stored in your Bank.

Table of Illicit Cargo Values
Cargo Buy Price Sell Price Prospect Gain per Cargo
Red Honey 100 115 200 100
Illicit Literature 150 180 275 125
Starshine 200 250 350 150

Trading strategy[]

The best route to profit is to buy at Bargains and sell at Prospects.

Early in the game when you have little cash on hand, the best bet is to 'buy to order' - acquire a Prospect then buy (or find) the goods needed to fill it, then fulfill the Prospect by visiting ports likely to have the right goods. Preferably buy Bargains - don't forget you can have 4 Prospects at once and they refresh every 30 days, so there is little rush. But if you need the money immediately don't worry about buying non-Bargain goods.

Once you have enough capital, then you should aim to buy at Bargains until you have a stock of all Goods. That way, you can be sure that you have enough goods to fulfill any Prospect that appears.

Avoid the temptation to sell goods other than at Prospects. It can be tempting to sell from your stockpile to upgrade your ship or equipment - but this isn't such a good long-term deal for you. Only do it when the need is crucial or when your stock is very high. 10 of a Good can cover one large Prospect and a quest or two and may feel like it vanishes quickly. 20 is a safer amount to hold as it will cover two or three Prospects and possibly a quest that uses a large amount. There are a small number of advanced quests that require 20+ of a specific material, however.


Image Cargo Description Weight Buy at Sell at Price
BarrelofUnseasonedHours square icon.png Barrel of Unseasoned Hours A barrel, encased in beeswax and stamped with the Ministry's mark. Its contents sigh like the tide. 5
Bronzewood square icon.png Bronzewood Hollowed from the vast trees of the Reach, Bronzewood is prized for its durability and its gleaming resin. 10
Tea square icon.png Caddy of Dried Tea As British as crinoline. Or Lord Elgin's Marbles. 5
Cagedcatch square icon.png Caged Catch Exotic. Contained. Furious. 5
Munitions square icon.png Carefully-Packed Crate of Munitions Sometimes, a crewman pretends he's going to drop one. It's still not funny. 5
Navarantinegemstones square icon.png Cask of Navaratine Gemstones They say these are the ever-cooling sparks that fall from the Forge of Souls. 5
CrateofNostalgicCrockery square icon.png Crate of Nostalgic Crockery Fine London china; porcelain plates bearing the Empress' face; cups and saucers, traced with roses. 5
Fuel square icon.png Fuel Running out of fuel means a quick, cold death. 5
Choristernectar square icon.png Gourd of Chorister Nectar For tea-drinkers it's a sweetener; for poets an inebriant. For singers it's an enhancement, widening the vocal range by a valuable semi-tone or two. 5
Undistinguishedsouls square icon.png Jumble of Undistinguished Souls The bottles are as ordinary as the souls that coil inside them. 2
Ministryliterature square icon.png Ministry-Approved Literature It has been thoroughly censored. Nothing here is likely to startle your maiden aunt. Or make her cackle. 5
Stainedglass square icon.png Pane of Stained Glass The light of the High Wilderness can enchant and derange. Coloured glass helps keep it at bay. 5
Petrichor square icon.png Petrichor The food of the dead. It is pale as the ghost of a moon, sweeter than spun sugar, and crumbles in your mouth like plaster-of-Paris. 0
Bombazineroll square icon.png Roll of Thirsty Bombazine This midnight-hued fabric grows heavy with devoured light. The perfect adornment for ostentatious grief and clandestine activity. 5
Verdantseeds square icon.png Sack of Verdant Seeds From which mighty trunks may grow. Or any number of other things. The flora of the High Wilderness is erratic. 5
Selectionofimmaculatesouls square icon.png Selection of Immaculate Souls The rarest and most refined of souls, lovingly curated. 2
Supplies square icon.png Supplies Food and equipment. When you run out, hunger will take you. 5


Image Cargo Description Weight Buy at Sell at Price
Illicitliterature square icon.png Trunk of Illicit Literature What censored sentiments are held within its pages? Are they seditious? Revolutionary? Lascivious? The Ministry of Public Decency would be horrified. 5
Starshine square icon.png Hogshead of Starshine Star-rakers comb water from the glassy pools of Eleutheria into these mirrored jars. It is laced with familiar starlight, shed by stars visible from Old Earth. 5
Redhoney square icon.png Firkin of Red Honey One of Fallen London's earliest and most persistent sins. To taste red honey is to walk the corridors of another's heart. None of their secrets will be safe from you. 5