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It is not safe in the skies. A captain will need to defend themselves against pirates, scorn-flukes, the Cyst of Faces, and worse. Combat takes place in real time, and requires tactical positioning and planning. Fortunately, you have at your disposal an array of the finest locomotive-mounted weaponry Victorian ingenuity can devise. Harry your enemies with a fusillade from the popular Caminus Yards 'Brassraven', or fire a round from the less reliable (but profoundly satisfying) Leadbeater & Stainrod 'Pachyderm'.

According to the developers, the pace of combat will remain measured and deliberate. It will be more viable for captains to outmanoeuvre their opponents for tactical advantage than it was in Sunless Sea, and there will be more scope for player skill. We want combat to be challenging, but we know that means different things to different players. So we'll provide a range of settings to adjust its frequency and difficulty, meaning that players can customise the experience to be right for them.