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A possible chart of Eleutheria

Eleutheria is one of the four regions in the High Wilderness. It’s dark, deadly and terrifyingly beautiful.


This region is not necessarily any more dangerous than the Reach or Albion, but can be unforgiving. You are more likely to find a number of hostile creatures all at once, and there are fewer ports. Further, unlike the other regions you can't repair your ship for Sovereigns in the central port.

Good luck, Captain; you’re really going to need it.

Reaching Eleutheria[]

From the Reach[]

The Reach-Eleutheria Transit Relay is found near Hybras.

A transit permit costs 800 Sovereigns; alternately, you can barter for one with three loads of Ministry-Approved Literature and two Visions of the Heavens. The transit permit will be inherited by other captains of your lineage.

Once you have a transit permit, each trip to Eleutheria will cost you either a Savage Secret or two Caddies of Dried Tea. As always when traveling through a relay, Customs will search your engine for Contraband.

From Albion[]

There is no relay from Albion to Eleutheria. However, an extremely wealthy captain might wish to sink a fortune into building one.

Once you have visited Eleutheria, the next time you visit London you will encounter The Insistent Surveyor. Provided you are equipped with an Assaying device, she will want to be transported to Duskings Deep, where she will begin building The Albion to Eleutheria Transit Relay. This is an extremely expensive project, as detailed on its dedicated page, but once the relay is completed your captain will be able to travel from Albion to Eleutheria, or vice versa, for free. The rest of their lineage will need to pay, but it's affordable; either 5 Sky-Stories or 200 Sovereigns.

Surviving Eleutheria[]


Unlike the hubs of other regions, Eleutheria's central port, Pan, does not have a standard repair shop. However, there is an option to trade an Eleutherian Mystery to repair half of your Hull damage.

Eagle's Empyrean, however, does have an ordinary repair shop, but since the port is not centrally located it's far easier to seek Pan out first.

Between visits to Eagle's Empyrean, your hull may be repaired by scavenging after fights and investigating the many wrecked ships littering Eleutheria's skies. Many ships and monsters will leave behind scraps that can be used to fix your engine, though sometimes at the cost of Terror, and often wrecks may be stripped for repairs.


Many encounters in Eleutheria will raise your terror, whether while looting after a battle or while exploring interesting discoveries.

  • As always, you will recover from some terror on finding a new port for the first time.
  • Visiting Pan (like any central hub) will relieve 25 terror once every 15 days.
  • Achlys offers respite at the House of Silks; each use of the hookah costs ten Sovereigns and relieves five points of Terror. Occasionally, you may choose to go Patrolling with the Ringbreakers; joining their game will relieve ten points of Terror.
  • Eagle's Empyrean has Outrider launches every 15 days which can be watched to relieve 10 terror.
  • Donating Plaques from a Douser Engine to the Bespectacled Official relieves 10 terror, but acquiring them costs 5 terror even for successful skill checks when looting, which are primarily based on Hearts.
  • Slain Curators offer significant terror reduction when looted, and are frequently found in the Chagatai Expansion south of Eagle's Empyrean
  • Similarly, Undeparted can be burned with spare fuel to reduce terror, and can be found throughout Eleutheria.

Fuel and Supplies[]

Most of Eleutheria's ports offer both fuel and supplies. The exceptions are Caduceus, which offers only supplies, and Piranesi, which offers neither fuel nor supplies.

Leaving Eleutheria[]

Leaving Eleutheria is more difficult than going there: the Reach Transit Relay to Eleutheria is one-way and deposits you at a broken relay.

To the Reach[]

The working Eleutheria-Reach Transit Relay is found near Eagle's Empyrean. Each trip to the Reach costs your choice of either three Carefully-Packed Crates of Munitions or 200 Sovereigns. If you forgot to bring munitions from the bank in Pan, you can pick some up at the Blue Heaven Arsenal in Eagle's Empyrean for 60 Sovereigns apiece--thus, munitions are always a better deal unless you simply don't have room to carry them.


Name Circle in Eleutheria Log Entries
Pan icon.png Pan Centre "Can you hear the pipes, captain?" a crewman asks, their eyes bright. "Pan's a-calling!"

The sound of far-off pipes. You near Pan, the unruly heart of Eleutheria.

You approach Pan. Pan of the crimson mysteries. Pan of the pipe-haunted groves. Pan: the dusky, delirious, divided heart of Eleutheria.

Pan icon.png The Brazen Brigade Centre (none)
Pan icon.png Heart-Catcher Gardens Centre (none)
Pan icon.png Winter's Reside Centre (none)
Pan icon.png The Gentlemen Centre (none)
Achlys icon.png Achlys Outer Coppery lights away in the fog: the lamps of Achlys, a shanty-market for spices and vices.

You cross the Achlean marshes. Don't trust the mists. They reveal things that are not there, and conceal things that are.

Caduceus icon.png Caduceus Outer This is Caduceus, where devils keep a garden of roses.

Pillars of stone loom in the sky. You are entering the Grave of Roses.

Eaglesempyrean icon.png Eagle's Empyrean Outer A neon blaze in the dark: the Eagle's Empyrean! Once they were allies of London. Today, the relationship is more nuanced.

The Eagle's Empyrean has been hung here like a lamp, amidst the fathomless dark of Eleutheria.
This part of the sky has been claimed by the Eagle Khan.

Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The House of Rods and Chains Outer The House of Rods and Chains; a ruined palace atop a rotting Messenger. Now home to uninvited guests of a rubbery persuasion

You near the House of Rods and Chains, a ruined complex atop a great dead beast. Once it was the favourite Messenger of the sun. Before it disobeyed.

Langleyhall icon.png Langley Hall Outer The Last Lamp-Post gleams through the fog; the furthest-flung piece of london.

You near Langley Hall; its windows warm with candlelight.

Piranesi icon.png Piranesi Outer A stoker sings: "Prideful, a prince was locked in the dark; while a poet was set free. I was the prince, alone and forgot; the poet, too, was me."

Piranesi. A prison without doors!

Permanent Discoveries[]

Name Circle in Eleutheria Log Entries Notes
The Well of Wonders Outer Your engine rocks, caught in a fury of dragging winds.

Your engine rocks, caught in the turbulence of a well that is trying to swallow the sky.

Wreck of the Berrenger Outer A gleaming hulk in the dark: a wreck of a type you've never seen before.


Name Circle in Eleutheria Type Log Entry
The Xanthous Moon Outer Wonder The Empyrean have built a homemade moon to light their corner of the sky; its steel frame festooned with lamps.

The Xanthous Moon, built at the command of the Khan, stains the sky with yellow.

Domain of The Halved Outer Horror A black and seething sun! The Halved sheds no light, and no law.

The attention of the Halved falls briefly on your vessel. Your crew wail as its eye fills your windows! The Halved! The sun turned to night!

Region Hub Ports Discoveries / Spectacles
The Reach Newwinchester icon.png New Winchester Carillon icon.png Carillon

Hybras icon.png Hybras
Naturereserve icon.png Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's
Circus icon.png Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus
Portavon icon.png Port Avon
Portprosper icon.png Port Prosper
Titania icon.png Titania
Traitorswood icon.png Traitor's Wood
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Signalbox icon.png An Abandoned Signal Box

Default icon.png Faith's Fall
Well green icon.png Old Tom's Well
Regentsgrave icon.png Regent's Grave
Rose icon.png The Flowerfields
Default icon.png The Regent's Tears
Wreckgeneric icon.png The Silent Saint
Reach icon.png The War of Fossils
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Parzifal

Albion London icon.png London Avidhorizon icon.png Avid Horizon (The Stair to the Sea)

Perdurance icon.png Perdurance
Brabazon icon.png The Brabazon Workworld
Clockworksun icon.png The Clockwork Sun
Floatingparliament icon.png The Floating Parliament
Serenemausoleum icon.png The Most Serene Mausoleum
Royalsociety icon.png The Royal Society
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays
Worlebury icon.png Worlebury-juxta-Mare

Default icon.png Skyhenge

Lantern icon.png St Anthony's Lighthouse
Avidhorizon icon.png The Avid Horizon
Well purple icon.png Well of the Wolf
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Boatman

Eleutheria Pan icon.png Pan Achlys icon.png Achlys

Caduceus icon.png Caduceus
Eaglesempyrean icon.png Eagle's Empyrean
Langleyhall icon.png Langley Hall
Piranesi icon.png Piranesi
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The House of Rods and Chains
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Default icon.png The Xanthous Moon

Well yellow icon.png The Well of Wonders
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Berrenger

The Blue Kingdom Tolltower icon.png Sky Barnet Deathsdoorstep icon.png Death's Door (The Shadow of the Sun)

Forgeofsouls icon.png The Forge of Souls
Whitewell icon.png The White Well (Wellmouth)
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relay

Deathsdoorstep icon.png Horologion