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Events are measures of the balance of power in the High Wilderness.

Depending on the actions you take, the fortunes of different groups will change, which will effect gameplay.

For example, if the Tacketies' and the Stovepipes' values are similar, then they will be at war in the Reach: Wrecks will be more common there, and new Homesteads will be less so.
If one group's fortune is much higher than its rival's, however, they will triumph, and certain actions, bargains and prospects will change in availability.

Fortunes are listed as Events in your Captain's Profile icon.png Profile tab.

List of Events[]

Here is a list of possible fortunes/events that you can encounter.

Event Description Region Affected
Verdantseeds icon.png Dominant in the Reach Who rules this verdant domain? The Reach
Boot icon.png Fortunes: Tacketies The Tacketies strive to be free of the Empire. The Reach
Stovepipe icon.png Fortunes: Stovepipes Her Majesty longs to tighten the Empire’s hold on the wilderness. The Reach
Fuel icon.png The Strength of the Sun Some say that the Clockwork Sun was brighter, once. But they say it quietly, and lie about it afterwards. Albion