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Interior Support Pillars
Interior Support Pillars
Type Auxiliary
Requires Mirrors icon.png Mirrors at 45+
Tier 3

ArmourUI icon.png +15 x Hull

Price Sovereigns icon.png 1250 Sovereigns
Data ID 137242

Interior Support Pillars is a Plating module for your Locomotive. Unusually for plating, it fixes to the Auxiliary slot.


Aesthetically-calibrated, structural support where the modern locomotive needs it most. Why should armour only be on the outside?

Shop Availability[]

Port Shop Buy Sell
Pan icon.png Pan Daedalian Engineering Sovereigns icon.png 1250 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 625 Sovereigns

Slot Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Small Weapon Cannon tier1 square icon.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Jerusalem'
Shotgun tier1 square icon.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Emanation'
Rapid tier1 square icon.png Caminus Yards 'Brassraven'
Marauder mangonel square icon.png Reclaimed Marauder Mangonel
Cannon tier2 square icon.png Caminus Yards 'Grimalkin'
Rapid tier2 square icon.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Beulah'
Mine tier2 square icon.png Wit & Vinegar 'Sneeze-Lurker'
Cannon tier3 square icon.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Vala'
Shotgun tier3 square icon.png Caminus Yards 'Blackjape'
Mine tier4 square icon.png Wit & Vinegar 'Zounderkite'
Large Weapon Rocket tier1 square icon.png Portsmouth House 'Albertine Candle' Uninvited square icon.png The 'Uninvited' Rocket tier3 square icon.png Portsmouth House 'Jubilee'
Tears of astolat square icon.png 'The Tears of Astolat'
Shotgun tier4 square icon.png Cotterell & Hathersage 'Golgonooza'
Rapid tier4 square icon.png Caminus Yards 'Saintfire'
Wrath of heaven square icon.png 'The Wrath of Heaven'
Auxiliary Canning tier1 square icon.png Murgatroyd's 'Stain-away' Canning Station
Mining tier1 square icon.png Crown & Misery Pneumatic Mining Array
Assaying tier1 square icon.png The 'Speciometer' Assaying Device
Hold tier1 square icon.png Additional Cargo Bay
Canning tier2 square icon.png ‘Durendal’ Pressure-Canning System
Mining tier2 square icon.png 'Proserpina' Superior Mining Array
Hold tier2 square icon.png Wit & Vinegar Winch & Pulley
Hold tier2 square icon.png Mechanical Turk
Hull tier2 square icon.png 'Mighty Pen' Defensive Library System
Quarters tier2 square icon.png Cosy Cabins
Canning tier3 square icon.png 'Signora Zenobia's' Prestige Scythe
Mining tier3 square icon.png 'Cantankerous' Boring-Rig
Mining tier3 square icon.png Wit & Vinegar Sawing Device
Hold tier3 square icon.png Ratty Baggage-Handlers
Hull tier3 square icon.png Interior Support Pillars
Canning tier4 square icon.png The 'Osiris' Patented Divider
Hold tier4 square icon.png Gates of Ivory
Quarters tier4 square icon.png Contentable Cabins
Bridge Quarters tier1 square icon.png Cramped Quarters Canning tier2 square icon.png 'Carmilla'
Hold tier2 square icon.png Cabinet of Curiosities
Quarters tier2 square icon.png Sensible Plumbing
Quarters tier3 square icon.png Gleaming Galley
Quarters tier3 square icon.png 'Montresor' Chamber
Hold tier3 square icon.png Fitted Cupboards
Hull tier4 square icon.png Adamant-Reinforced Windshield
Quarters tier4 square icon.png Adjustable Infirmary
Quarters tier4 square icon.png 'Pluto' Miniature Law-Furnace
Plating Hull tier1 square icon.png Bronzewood Shielding Hull tier2 square icon.png Pergamon-Category Shielding
Hull tier2 square icon.png Rosetti Cabins
Smugglingequipment tier2 square icon.png Concealed Cavities
Hull tier3 square icon.png Lamellared Sky-Steel Plating
Hull tier3 square icon.png 'Heathcliffe' Durable Plating
Smugglingequipment tier3 square icon.png Hidden Hold
Hull tier4 square icon.png Rose & Adamant Plating
Hull tier4 square icon.png Amniotic Crew Containment
Assaying tier4 square icon.png The Watchers in Azure
Scout Diffidentbat square icon.png Diffident Bat
Cyclopeanowl square icon.png Cyclopean Owl
Starsmittenbat square icon.png Star-Smitten Bat Intrepidcavy square icon.png Intrepid Cavy Ratronaut square icon.png The Ratronaut