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Your Journal is a tab on the lower UI, reached by selecting the Journal icon.png Journal icon, or by pressing J.
The page displays different qualities of your Captain, or of other people and places around the High Wilderness.
Qualities for stories which have been completed are marked as such after their name, whereas some are removed entirely.

Possible Journal Entries[]


View the page of a Quality to see its possible values.

Journal Entry Flavour text
Devilshell icon.png A Marcher in the Brazen Brigade One day, the saints will march.
Affiliationbohemia icon.png A Cupbearer of the Rose You are learning the mysteries of Caduceus
Book icon.png A Paeon for Persephone The Ebullient Decadent's masterwork: 10,000 lines of rhyming verse on the Thorn-Maiden and her rites under the black sun.
Camera icon.png A Retiring Filmmaker She wants to come back to New Winchester, despite having promised to leave for good.
Envelope icon.png A Special Delivery from London A courier has asked you to complete their assignment.
Sovereigns icon.png A Trading Opportunity Only the well-armed, the desperate and the foolhardy travel the skies. As a result, there is money to be made transporting goods.
Originpoet icon.png Ambition: The Song of the Sky You will write your name across the skies.
Sovereigns icon.png Ambition: Wealth Accrue a substantial fortune, so that you may enjoy your retirement in the manner to which you mean to become accustomed.
Navarantinegemstones icon.png An Initiate of the Cult of the Saints Eleven or Twelve be their number. Crowned be their heads. All hail. All hail.
Pastscarred icon.png An Initiate of the Displeased Hold no hope in the cavities of your heart.
Book icon.png An Initiate of the Supralapsarians For London has not risen and shall not rise. You are safe in the deep and the dark and the marvellous.
Magdalenes icon.png An Unwelcome Truth The Amenable Host has requested your help.
Carillon icon.png Assisting a Rubbery Penitent You have met a Rubbery Penitent.
Carillon icon.png Assisting a Penitent Nurse You are helping a Nurse with her penance.
Carillon icon.png Assisting a Professional Penitent You are assisting a Professional Penitent.
Worlebury icon.png Assisting the Bureau of Entertainments The Bureau of Entertainments are powerful. Perhaps they'd be useful friends.
Amenablehost icon.png Assumed Identity The owner of Magdalene's has forgotten who he is.
Genericcharacter icon.png Burial of the Dead The Boatman's dead wish to be escorted home to London.
Pastscandal icon.png Conspiring with the Cult You have met the cult in the Off Season. Perhaps you sympathise with their cause.
Newwinchester icon.png Dealing with an Ironical Reformist She is causing problems for the Windward Company on New Winchester.
Genericcharacter icon.png Delivering a Settler Where did they ask to go?
Genericcharacter icon.png Delivering the Sky-Maddened Captain They've seen too much out here.
Clock icon.png Desperate Measures More time! She must have more time!
Figuresinthemarsh icon.png Escorting the Pernickety Factor She has requested transport to Hybras.
Genericcharacter icon.png Escorting The Short-Sighted Cryptozoologist She's hunting for something.
Portgeneric icon.png Fate of the Parzifal What became of Lt. Commander Percy Blythe?
Hearts icon.png Freeing the Half-Glass You've agreed to release the Half-Glass Empty from his imprisonment on the Clockwork Sun.
Iron icon.png Helping the Bereaved Acrobat Will you bring back their missing twin?
Oraclenewspaper icon.png Helping the Headstrong Strongwoman Will you post flyers for her?
Bloody icon.png Hunting for the Hunting Club The New Somerset Hunting Club may allow you to join them — if you meet their exacting requirements.
Carillon icon.png Initiate of Carillon How well do you know the place of penance?
Skystory icon.png Inscriptions in the Sky The Inscribed Tinkerer requires assistance in locating a specific sigil of the Correspondence.
Fatalisticsignalman icon.png Learning about the Fatalistic Signalman He has been cooped up in the derelict Isambard Line signal boxes for a long time.
Incautiousdriver icon.png Learning About: The Incautious Driver They're not reckless, they assure you. Just making up for lost time.
Incognitoprincess icon.png Learning about the Incognito Princess She has certain ambitions.
Ratbrigade icon.png Learning about the Rat Brigade They're a troublesome bunch.
Repentantdevil icon.png Learning about the Repentant Devil What do you know of him really?
Inconvenientaunt icon.png Learning About: An Inconvenient Aunt She's never out of trouble.
Langleyhall icon.png Looking for Lord Langley The host of Langley Hall is missing.
Crew icon.png Lustrum: Mining Crew You've left some of your people mining in Lustrum.
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum: Prospecting... Your crew is mining hours. The more crew you have assigned, the faster they will finish
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum: The Mountain Beckons What awaits in the Mother of Mountains?
Cagedcatch icon.png Mr Menagerie's Last Voyage Mr Menagerie is wandering the High Wilderness, selling Scouts to passing captains.
Achlys icon.png Odd Jobs in Achlys Town There are opportunities everywhere.
Figuresinthemarsh icon.png On the Trail of Vanished Colonists The colonists on Hybras have all disappeared. What could have happened to them?
Floatingparliament icon.png Politics and Knavish Tricks You have become involved with Parliament.
Devilshell icon.png Requiesat in Pace Sanctify the corpse of a Saint of Hell.
Knifehand icon.png Sweet Jane's Request She would like you to do her a favour. A small one.
Knifehand icon.png Sweet Jane's Vengeance You have been commissioned to hunt Windward engines in the Reach and retrieve their mangled name plates.
Clock icon.png The Albert Clock Port Prosper is building a new clocktower.
Perdurance icon.png The Chaperone's Bequest A chaperone at Perdurance asked you to deliver her jewelled eye to alleviate her family's workworld debts.
Genericcharacter icon.png The Fastidious Inspector An Inspector of London's Horological Office - responsible for the orderly regulation of time across the empire - requires assistance.
Parsimoniouschairman icon.png The Parsimonious Chairman's Commission You have been commissioned to hunt Tackety ships in the Reach and retrieve their mangled name plates.
Parsimoniouschairman icon.png The Parsimonious Chairman's Delight You have tickled his fancy.
Devilshell icon.png The Patchwork Devil A Patchwork Devil from Titania wishes to join the congregation at the Well of the Wolf.
Phlegmaticresearcher icon.png The Phlegmatic Researcher's Study into a Peculiar Malady All of his colleagues fell mysteriously ill. He wants to know why.
Regentsgrave icon.png The Regent's Grave Who lies at the centre of the wood? What do you believe?
Clockworksun icon.png The Sequencer's Charity The Dazzled Sequencer has enlisted you in his attempt to inflict kindness upon the needy.
Clock icon.png The Triumph of Time In some distant place, the means of achieving the Adamant Idol languishes.
Titania icon.png Titanian Construction The settlers at Titania could use your help (and Sovereigns) to build their city.
Boot icon.png Trespassing on the Boatman What became of the pride of the London Necropolis Line?
Crew icon.png Unquiet Living The captain of the Boatman wishes to report to her superior.
Mirrors icon.png Vision of the Parzifal What happened to the first engine through the Avid Horizon?