Sunless Skies Wiki

Officers are companions who board your ship and increase skills and affiliations. You can access and interact with officers by opening the Officers interface and clicking on them.

Each Officer (except Mascots) has a detailed questline which can result in changes to the Officer's abilities. These questlines are some of the most demanding in the game, apart from the Ambitions quests themselves - each quest involves visiting many ports and spending many resources. Some of them also demand a permanent sacrifice of stat points. Once completed, the Officer typically gets promoted, and becomes a modified version of themselves with a larger bonus to one stat and a two-point bonus to Affiliations. However, other options are also possible, including the permanent disappearance of the Officer or the permanent death of the Captain.

Officers do not count as crew - they do not consume supplies and cannot be affected by events that reduce your Crew.

First Officers[]

Image Name Skills bonus Recruited Notes
Clayconductor.png Clay Conductor
Clayconductor.png Caring Conductor
Clayconductor.png Clay Conductor and Copper Companion
Incognitoprincess.png Incognito Princess
Bloody.png The Shed Skin of the Incognito Princess
Incognitoprincess.png Analytical Princess
Incognitoprincess.png Poetical Princess
Fortunatenavigator.png Fortunate Navigator
Fortunatenavigator.png Stalwart Navigator
Locket.png Old Friend
Royaldispensation.png The Portrait of the Unseen Queen
Royaldispensation.png The Unseen Queen, depicted with the Martyr-King's Cup


Image Name Skills bonus Recruited Notes
Inconvenientaunt.png Inconvenient Aunt
Inconvenientaunt.png Your Spymaster Aunt
Inconvenientaunt.png Your Revolutionary Aunt
Chiropteroushoarder.png Chiropterous Hoarder
    Will not appeared in London until finishing a certain storylet in Port Avon
Chiropteroushoarder.png Multiplicitous Hoarder
Chiropteroushoarder.png Immutable Hoarder
Forgedcompanion.png Illusive Forged Companion
Forgedcompanion.png Poetic Forged Companion
Forgedcompanion.png Pugilistic Forged Companion
Forgedcompanion.png Studious Forged Companion


Image Name Skills bonus Recruited Notes
Fatalisticsignalman.png Fatalistic Signalman
Sigil4.png 'Signs and Signals of the High Wilderness: an Omnibus'
    'Promoted' from the Fatalistic Signalman.

    You cannot interact with this 'officer'.

    Once acquired, future lineage will always start with this 'officer'.
Repentantdevil.png Repentant Devil
Repentantdevil.png Defiant Devil
Amiablevagabond.png Amiable Vagabond
Amiablevagabond.png Dendrified Vagabond
Amiablevagabond.png Incorrigible Vagabond

Chief Engineers[]

Image Name Skills bonus Recruited Notes
Incautiousdriver.png Incautious Driver
Incautiousdriver.png Judicious Driver
Incautiousdriver.png Reckless Driver
Ratbrigade.png The Rat Brigade
Ratbrigade.png The Ratty Revengers
Ratbrigade.png The Ratty Reunion
Felinedeccentric.png Felined Eccentric
Felinedeccentric.png Brilliant Eccentric
Felinedeccentric.png Gentle Eccentric


Image Name Skills bonus Recruited Notes
Uselesscat.png Useless Cat
InadvisablyBigDog.png Inadvisably Big Dog
Blemmigan.png Blemmigan Voyager
PerfectPangolin.png Perfect Pangolin
Urchin.png Sky-Worn Urchin
    From the event that appears after docking in Lustrum icon.png Lustrum once.
Dilly.png Dilly
Obviouslydeliciousrabbit.png Obviously Delicious Rabbit
    Backers only mascot