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Plating is a type of module used by your Locomotive. It is used to increase Hull, and usually attaches to the Plating slot.

Types of Plating[]

Module Effect Requires Flavour Text Cost
Hull tier1 square icon.png Bronzewood Shielding None Bronzewood is resilient, and readily replaced at ports. What's more, it looks splendid. See it gleam!
Hull tier2 square icon.png Pergamon-Category Shielding Iron at 25+ A dark Eluetherian wood, with Correspondence sigils visible in the grain of the cross-section when it is felled. It may give your crew the willies, but it's d_mn good plating.
Hull tier3 square icon.png Interior Support Pillars Mirrors at 50+

Attaches to the Auxiliary slot.

Aesthetically-calibrated, structural support where the modern locomotive needs it most. Why should armour only be on the outside?
Hull tier3 square icon.png Lamellared Sky-Steel Plating Iron at 50+ A design of the Empyrean. It layers a steel underplate with lacquered bone and leather to cushion and deflect impact.
Hull tier4 square icon.png Rose & Adamant Plating Iron at 75+ Strong as the Gates of Hell. Impenetrable as the mind of God. An elaborate motif of chained roses provides the perfect finish.