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Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus
Circus ambience.png
Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus (Sidebar)
Located in The Reach
Ports Jervaise's Rest
Shops The New Big Top Shop
Data ID 109166

Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus is a port in the outer circle of the Reach, located in the same segment as Hybras.

Log Entries[]

A cluster of islands lie in the mists. Strings of bunting flutter, optimistically, between them.
Coloured searchlights play across the clouds. They cast wild shadows, haloed in pink and green.
"Hark!" a signaller cries. You do, and hear the oompah-oompah of distant circus music, perpetrated by a straining tuba.

A cat runs by, shedding a miniature clown costume. The Felined Eccentric chases it. "Wait! We have to get you ready!"
Distant circus music. The Fatalistic Signalman raises an eyebrow. "Oh good. Clowns."
The Aunt spent an hour lecturing on the necessity of dog-proofing the ship. The dog drooled on her shoes while she did.
The Hoarder's ears flatten at the sound of calliope music. "Cheap acts, cheap entertainment. Nothing that lasts and nothing that is worth allowing to last."
The Inconvenient Aunt shudders. "A carnival. Beware – they have wiles to win your money."
The Princess glances at Polmear's. "I considered running away with them. But some refused to bathe."
The Rat Brigade perks up at the sound of distant calliope music. "Is that Polmear's?"
The Repentant Devil's smile is wry. "I enjoy a good circus. Lost souls, at bargain prices."
"Ah, carnival folk. My sort of people." The Vagabond grins.
"Always wanted to go to a circus. Mother said no. Poor people. Disease." The Driver looks forlorn.
"Can we stop here? Please?" The Fortunate Navigator is persistent. "I'd like to see the geese."
"Magicians," says the Illusive Forged Companion thoughtfully. "I wonder if any here can hold a candle to me."

Jervaise's Rest[]

"A travelling circus has settled here, too afraid to go further and too afraid to turn back. Its clanking, gaudy locomotive scavenges such audiences as it can from nearby homesteads and delivers them for an evening of shabby, desperate big-top magic."

New Arrivals at the Circus
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 303706

New Arrivals at the Circus[]

A fire burns by the obelisk where newcomers mingle. None of them seem to know what drew them here, save that they had nowhere else they knew they should be. They trade stories and the last of the liquor from their flasks, finding solace here for reasons that even they can't seem to explain.

Trigger conditions

Calendar icon.png DateClock icon.png An Opportunity at Polmear and Plenty's,
Clock icon.png An Opportunity at Polmear and Plenty's ≥ 1


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Listen to their stories
Who were they, before they were called here?
Tales of life and loss
The broken. The disavowed. The fugitives. Every visitor has their own story and a hole in their heart. A few demonstrate acts with which they hope to join the circus itself. Others talk of their plans to leave this place and resume their lives. Not today, but tomorrow. Or the day after that, perhaps.
Attempt to recruit new crewmembers
Many of these newcomers are rather lost. You can offer them purpose.
    • Hearts icon.png Hearts challenge (125 for 100%)

Failed event
Call of the circus
You try your best, and the newcomers all start by listening politely. As you talk, however, their eyes inevitably drift back to the obelisk. Soon, they are not listening at all.
Successful event
Running from the circus
Most of the newcomers are too nervous to move right now, but the offer of a berth, regular pay, and warm stew thrice weekly entices them on board. They all glance back at the obelisk as you lead them towards the engine.

The Inconceivable Circus!
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 296639

The Inconceivable Circus![]

"The Greatest Show! That's what the adverts promise. Before the Circus(CircusPortDescription)"


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Leave the Illusive Forged Companion at the circus
You will be free of them, at last.
A vanishing act
The Illusive Forged Companion stands before the milling crowds, a red silk scarf in their hand. They lift it in an apparent gesture of farewell, but bring it down in a sudden flash of scarlet. It flutters to the ground, unimpeded. The Companion has vanished.
Ask Miss Peppercorn to show you a tiger
She stands some distance away from the main attractions of the circus. The mirror beside her is full-length, and framed in ornately patterned bronze.
Ask Miss Peppercorn to show you a tiger
She stands beside a full-length mirror framed in ornately patterned bronze. She is delighted to see you. "Do you have the money? For the fuel."
Weighed, not counted
Miss Peppercorn transfers the coins from one hand to the next. With a wiggle of her fingers, the coins are gone. She basks in the Navigator's conspicuous delight. "You're all right, you are." She nods towards Altan, once more on the Navigator's back. "And I've had worse audiences than your grey friend. At least he's not throwing anything."
Climb the obelisk in search of a lost sigil
Those who near the obelisk feel an intense yearning. For many, this sensation satisfies a fundamental desire to be needed. They find it hard to leave.
Moral support
There's a gathering of newcomers around a bonfire by the obelisk. They watch you climb. The sigil throbs two hand-spans from the point of the vast stone. Keeping the paper flat while making the rubbing is precarious – your audience falls silent, so as not to distract. Finally, you are done, and your sliding descent is accompanied with raucous cheering. You retreat to your engine to identify the sigil.
Search for the Blindness Throne
The Queen told you that the Blindness Throne could be found here.
    • Circus icon.png Proving your Worth: The Blindness Throne = 1 [Travel to Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus and prove you are worthy of the Martyr-King's Cup by sitting upon the Blindness Throne without losing your eyes]

The search for the Throne
When you ask the employees of the Circus about the Blindness Throne, they give you nothing but odd looks and shrugs. The only option left is to lose yourself in your visions, and hope that dream-logic leads you in the right direction.

The stars go out, one by one. All that is left is the moon.

You mount your warhorse, patting its flanks. Of course you know where to go – everyone knows that the Blindness Throne lies to the south, in the Castle of the Seraphim.
Purchase tickets to the Circus
A bored urchin in a dusty top hat waits to take your money.
Tickets acquired
The urchin hands over your tickets with no apparent enthusiasm. "Thanks," he mutters.

Advanced query needs investigation

Collect free tickets to the Circus
Of course you don't have to pay. You're part of the family.
Tickets acquired
The urchin hands over your free tickets with no apparent enthusiasm.

Advanced query needs investigation

Visit the Ticket Booth
The grubby urchin is nowhere to be seen.
A scribbled note
"BACK IN—", it says, followed by an indecipherable scribble. How useful.
Advanced query needs investigation

Write a Port Report
This doesn't seem a location of tactical importance. Even so, there may be interest in who attends.
The Big Top looms dramatically in the fog of the Reach – but it's not nearly as imposing as the massive obelisk floating nearby. Some enterprising soul has hung bunting between it and the Big Top. As for the circus itself: The Wellbeing of the Circus(PortReport)
Enter the Big Top
The pride of the circus, whatever that counts for here.
The 'Greatest Show'
No one in the meagre audience displays any enthusiasm, not even when the Ringmaster thunders in on a horse-drawn calliope. Then come the acts themselves. Oh dear. The Humiliated Magician's trap-doors fail to open, leaving his glamorous assistant notably un-vanished. The Bereaved Acrobat swings from a single trapeze, the other hangs lonely and unused. The Pensive Clown's fire-juggling act ends in disaster, and not the humorous kind. The less said about the lion tamer, the better. He should recover.
Attend another performance
What wonders await you this evening?

Advanced query needs investigation Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Visit the Amusements
The standards have improved since you first visited.
The Midway calls
You and your crew spend several hours enjoying the offerings of the newly revitalised circus. The Strongwoman salutes you, effortlessly supporting a heavy bar with the other hand. The urchin at the drinks stand gives you a drink with probably no spit in it at all. By the time your ticket expires, your crew is considerably more relaxed.
Visit the Amusements
This should be enjoyable.
The Midway calls
Go behind the tents
You're welcome everywhere here. The carnies nod to you as you pass.
Speak to the Ringmaster
He puts on a good face for the customers, but he's clearly troubled.
The Ringmaster looks relieved to see a familiar face. "Oh, thank G_d. We've got a show to put on, and one of my biggest acts is throwing a tantrum. I— no. No." He pauses, toying with his exquisitely managed moustache as he looks you up and down. "I don't suppose you've ever considered stepping into the ring yourself?"
Offer your services as a Clown
Dignity is overrated.
Dressed in motley and with a greasepaint face, you do your best to entertain. The audience laughs at your pratfalls – some of them even deliberate. Afterwards, the Ringmaster claps you on the shoulder. "Excellent! Well, terrible. Never do that again. But please, come and see me behind the tents."
Offer your services as a Lion Tamer
You have nothing to fear from some flea-bitten beast.
Whip in hand, you stare down the circus' one remaining lion. It makes it clear that when it comes to meat, there is meat that it respects and meat that it does not. Afterwards, the Ringmaster claps you on the shoulder. "Excellent! Well, terrible. Never do that again. But please, come and see me behind the tents."
Offer your services as an Acrobat
How hard can it be?
The high-wire looks considerably higher once upon it, and much thinner. By the time you finish inching across to the other side, the show is long over and everyone has left. Still, it is an achievement of sorts. The Ringmaster claps you on the shoulder. "Excellent! Well, terrible. Never do that again. But please, come and see me behind the tents."
Refuse to participate in this folly
This is none of your business.
The Ringmaster is saddened, but nods. "Of course, of course. Please. Enjoy the rest of the circus... while it remains."
Offer your crew's services
Circus work is beneath you – but not your crew.
Without an act, and with little time to prepare, the crew puts on an impromptu talent show. The quartermaster proves an unexpectedly good opera singer, while the engineer's boy proves as capable of juggling as sneaking a little extra food from the supplies. Afterwards, the Ringmaster claps you on the shoulder. "Excellent! Well, terrible. Never do that again. But please, come and see me behind the tents."
Recruit Crew from the Circus
You'll need to be persuasive. The Circus has some kind of hold on people.
Failed event Advanced query needs investigation

Advanced query needs investigation

The show must go on
The prospective crew member looks tempted, but their eyes keep dragging back to the Big Top. "I have to be here," they apologise. "I... I think this is where I'm supposed to be."
Successful event
Running away from the circus
Your new crew member stares back – first at the Big Top, then at the vast carved obelisk. With difficulty, they turn away. "Ready for service, Captain."
Bring Angel aboard
The bombardier rat has set up a tiny tent in the shadow of the obelisk. He works as a fire-breather for the circus. He wants a leaving do before he'll join you.
Off with a bang. And several other bangs
Angel's powder-blackened face lights up when he sees the Rat Brigade. His whiskers are burnt away, but his eyes are bright as diamonds. "Look what the cat dragged in," he grins.

Angel listens to your offer, then immediately divulges his number. "Let's go! I've been dreaming about blowing up—" Cinders frowns him to silence. "Oh. Well, I want in on any revenge, anyway."

The party is memorable. You almost die, twice. The Ringmaster demands the rats never return. The Rat Brigade considers it a marvellous success.
Deliver a Christmas card
The card is addressed to 'Y Siaradwr Cymraeg'. He is the cleaner at Polymear and Plenty's. You find the man by the animal cages, sweeping.
Gruff acceptance
He tears the envelope open and reads furiously. It's some moments before he can bring himself to speak.

"I spoke Welsh only to my family. There was no harm." He shakes his head. "But someone tattled and the Auditors had to check, didn't they? The Auditors even agreed – there was no harm – not that anyone believed me. The Auditors wouldn't visit unless you were in trouble, right?" He grimaces.

"I couldn't stay in London, could I? I had to leave my family. I couldn't risk tainting them." He waves the card at you. "I'll join your Council. I'll meet the contact now."
Try to sneak behind the tents
Guests are not allowed back here. That makes it more interesting.
Caught in the act
A pair of clowns whose painted-on smiles do not match their actual scowls spot you almost immediately. There is nothing funny about the heavy sticks they carry. You are less than politely escorted back to the Big Top. Perhaps if you were better known around here, they would be less concerned.
Visit the Illusive Forged Companion
How are they faring?
Ever the illusionist
You follow the posters for the Illusive Forged Companion's act to a large round tent. Inside, it is dark, strangely humid, and full of mirrors – propped against the canvas walls, hung from the ceiling and lying flat on the sawdust-scattered ground. As your eyes adjust to the gloom, the mirrors flicker, and the Companion appears on the other side of each one. "It is gratifying to see you," says the Companion from their many mouths. "I wish we had time to talk, but I have business I must attend to." They disappear, and you left alone with a hundred versions of your own face.

Advanced query needs investigation

Behind the Big Top
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 277328

Behind the Big Top[]

"The Wellbeing of the Circus(RootFlavor)"

Trigger conditions

Circus icon.png A Visit to the Circus ≥ 1


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Ask the Humiliated Magician about tigers
The Fortunate Navigator is certain he'll be able to assist him in seeing a tiger. He's a magician after all.
    • Fortunatenavigator icon.png The Navigator's Promise = 90 [The Fortunate Navigator wishes to show his friend a tiger. The magician in Polmear and Plenty's might help. You'll need to go behind the big tent to speak with him]

Less lugubrious
The Magician contemplates the Fortunate Navigator. "On your back – that is a body, not a mannequin? No. Actually, I'd rather not know."

He shifts so that Altan is not in view. "You could try Peppercorn's daughter. Followed him into the business. She can even pull off his grand finale from when he was at Mahogany Hall."

"She's a travelling magician. She leaves some of her large props with me and returns to swap them when she's creating a new performance. I've no idea when she'll next return. It's always a delightful surprise." He does not sound delighted. "You'll have to find her. She goes between Lustrum, Titania and Port Prosper."
Ask the Humiliated Magician about Hybras
An abandoned magic show and a discarded playbill are all you have to go on.
The Humiliated Magician sighs as he inspects your playbill. "That pair of rogues? It would be an insult to chicanery everywhere to call them charlatans." His shoulders sink. "I would know." He stands and walks over to a cabinet in the far corner of his caravan. He opens a small drawer and produces a slim heart-shaped key. "There's a locked suitcase in my old house on Port Prosper. It has a red door, near the station. If you could fetch that for me, I should be able to help you. It has all my old paraphernalia."
Deliver the Magician's repaired equipment
His friend in Port Avon has fixed the delicate machines. They are ready to be used again.
The Magician inspects his equipment as thoroughly as a gunnery officer would their cannons before a long-awaited engagement. When he is satisfied that the panels do shut properly, and silently, he breathes a sigh of relief. "It's been some time since I've been able to do anything worth a d__n. I remember, back in those days – the people my performances would attract..." His glance catches on an old poster of himself. He requests you leave him alone to practise.
Reunite the Acrobatic Twins
You have brought the errant one back to the circus.
"I wondered when we'd see each other again," one twin remarks to the other.

The other replies: "How did you know I'd return?"

"You always have before. I'm glad you're all right."

They wander off, each catching the other up as to what has passed in their time apart.
Deliver the Clown his costumes
Perhaps now his geese will be willing to perform.
The Pensive Clown opens the crate of specially made costumes. He considers the twinkling stones as a wishful child might a star. In time, he nods, and reaches arm-deep into his novelty pockets to find your reward; he searches your face for a smile when he reaches too far, and topples over.
Tell the Headstrong Strongwoman her flyers are posted
If anyone from the Reach visits the circus, they'll know to have something ready for her.
You deliver the news while she's in the middle of her training. She puts the dumbbell down with exquisite form, and fetches you a reward from her tent. "Here," she says, wiping sweat from her brow with her forearm. "I hope they'll bring something interesting. I've really missed being surprised." She smiles wistfully, and returns to lifting her weights, keeping up a running commentary on the things she saw last time her act was popular.
Visit the Ringmaster's Caravan
The door is open. From inside, you can hear the constant ruffling of a deck of cards.
Hats, Cats, Bats and Rats
The Ringmaster is sat on a fat cushion, idly shuffling a worn pack of playing cards. He smiles wearily at you. "I asked the cards about you." He draws from the top of the deck, sets them on the table. "They say you can help." He then places them back into the deck, and bids you shuffle and draw for yourself. The cards are the same. He smiles the same weary smile. "Looks like they haven't changed their minds."
Talk to the Humiliated Magician
He leans beneath a faded poster of himself, smoking a cheap, malodorous tobacco.
Return the Humiliated Magician's suitcase
He claims the contents will help you untangle what's happened in Hybras.
A muted reaction
The Humiliated Magician gives a wan smile when he sees you dragging along the battered old suitcase towards him.

He takes a few minutes to dust it down, before slowly and carefully opening the many clasps around the sides. Eventually, the suitcase springs open in a cloud of dust.

Inside are faded posters, playbills and photographs. "This is Marzipan and me." The Magician holds up a photograph of two young gentleman in coat and tails. "We were apprenticed under Monsieur Pleats. This is before Hallow arrived and—" He shakes his head.

At last, he unearths a small vial of amber liquid.
Take the vial
The Humiliated Magician holds it out to you.
The glass is crystal; the colour deep and resinous. It catches the candlelight, gleams golden in your hands.

"Prisoner's Honey," says the Humiliated Magician. "My last batch. From old London. Marzipan and I used to dream together. This was before Hallow, of course, with her confounded glass—" He sighs. "No, I have wasted enough breath on that one."

"Take a few sips of this next time you're on Hybras. Find somewhere comfortable to sleep. You'll see your colonists again."
Return the Humiliated Magician's suitcase and what might be his cat
Monsieur Francois has been, all things considered, a very well behaved passenger.
    • Uselesscat icon.png Monsieur Francois ≥ 1 [You are delivering Monsieur Francois to the Humiliated Magician at Polmear & Plenty's]

    • Figuresinthemarsh icon.png On the Trail of Vanished Colonists = 40 [You found the Humiliated Magician's suitcase. Return to Polmear & Plenty's to continue your investigation]

A muted reaction
The Humiliated Magician's eyes widen as he sees Monsieur Francois. He takes the cat with trembling hands, who purrs briefly before jumping to investigate the caravan's cupboards.

"I never expected I'd see him again," the Magician says. "Didn't have space for him when I left. Thank you."

He turns his attention to the suitcase. Inside are faded posters, playbills and photographs. "This is Marzipan and me." The Magician holds up a photograph of two gentleman in coat and tails. "We were apprenticed under Monsieur Pleats. This is before Hallow arrived and—" He shakes his head.

At last, he unearths a small vial of amber liquid.
Take the vial
The Humiliated Magician holds it out to you.
The glass is crystal; the colour deep and resinous. It catches the candlelight, gleams golden in your hands.

"Prisoner's Honey," says the Humiliated Magician. "My last batch. From old London. Marzipan and I used to dream together. This was before Hallow, of course, with her confounded glass—" He sighs. "No, I have wasted enough breath on that one."

"Take a few sips of this next time you're on Hybras. Find somewhere comfortable to sleep. You'll see your colonists again."
Talk to the Bereaved Acrobat
Their tent is larger than the others. The flap is tied open for visitors.
Talk to the Acrobat Twins
Their tent is rather larger than the others. The flap is tied open for visitors.
Talk to the Pensive Clown
His head is bowed. His bald dome shines in the lantern light. If you ignore the grease paint, he looks not unlike the bust of a Grecian philosopher.
Talk to the Headstrong Strongwoman
If she isn't performing or training, she tends to keep inside her caravan.
Talk to the Ringmaster
Their tent is open for anyone who wishes to drop by.

A Moment's Memory
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 310928

A Moment's Memory[]

Polmear and Plenty's Inconceivable Circus is pulling in crowds. Passenger locomotives shuttle guests in. Merchant traders – and even the odd high-ranking Tackety captain – find excuses to dock at Jervaise's Rest. The Ringmaster is run off his feet. The rejuvenated circus is heaving with visitors. Looming over it all is the vast obelisk – its shadow falls over the crowds. Its sigils are burning brighter than you remember.

Trigger conditions

Hearts icon.png The Bereaved Acrobats' Comfort ≥ 1
Hearts icon.png The Pensive Clown's Comfort ≥ 1
Hearts icon.png The Humiliated Magician's Comfort ≥ 1
Hearts icon.png The Headstrong Strongwoman's Comfort ≥ 1
Circus icon.png Before the Circus ≤ 0,


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Approach the obelisk
The sigils smoulder invitingly. You could touch it if you like.
Here, once before
The circus has vanished; the islands on which it stood are empty. Empty, aside from a vast tree of fungus stretching up into the heavens. Its hyphae stretch from island to island, weaving them together. A Verdant.

Looming above it is a luminous crustacean the size of a palace – a Messenger. Its carapace is emblazoned with the sign of two overlapping suns. Its pincers flex slowly, thoughtfully.

Sigils burn in the air between the two, exchanged like volleys in a tennis match. Gradually, the flurry of Correspondence diminishes. A compact has been reached. The Messenger drives the obelisk into the ground, a marker of their concord.

The obelisk is marked with the words of the emissaries – of meeting, of peace. One, close to the point, ignites in searing light: 'A Commingling of Radiances'.

The obelisk remembers the promise. Something has to.

Mr Menagerie is Passing Through Polmear & Plenty's
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 294820

Mr Menagerie is Passing Through Polmear & Plenty's[]

A tattered poster by the station advertises the services of a 'Mr Menagerie: Purveyor of Fine Scouts'. An accompanying picture displays a tall cloaked figure, slightly stooped, clutching an array of adorable little beasts close to its long chest.

Trigger conditions

Cagedcatch icon.png Mr Menagerie's Last Voyage ≥ 1 ≤ 1,


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Visit Mr Menagerie
A pile of cages is piled beside a carnival wagon.

Game note: You can buy scouts from Mr Menagerie, but he will move on after your visit.

A Note from Mr Menagerie at Polmear & Plenty's
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 294830

A Note from Mr Menagerie at Polmear & Plenty's[]

The poster at the station has been torn down, and there is no sign of Mr Menagerie itself. Cowled figures lurk in the fog, but none have a collection of adorable little beasts The Stationmaster waves you over. Mr Menagerie has left a note for you.

Trigger conditions

Cagedcatch icon.png Mr Menagerie's Last Voyage ≥ 2 ≤ 2,


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Read the note
It should tell you where Mr Menagerie was headed.
Somewhere old, somewhere new

Recruit the Amiable Vagabond
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 302942 (?)

Recruit the Amiable Vagabond[]

You find him waiting serenely at Jervaise's Rest, clay pipe clamped between his teeth.

He claims to be an expert in snake-wrangling, thimble-twisting and stick-swinging; he professes to be a psychologist, mythologist, and escapologist; he boasts he can tell stories that'll haunt you until you die, and play tunes that'll make stones dance. If all that fails to entice you, he supposes he could turn his hand to signalling.

Game note: Officers require a sign-on fee.

Trigger conditions

Amiablevagabond icon.png Amiable Vagabond ≤ 0,
Amiablevagabond icon.png Vagabond Recruited ≤ 0,
Amiablevagabond icon.png The Vagabond has died ≤ 0,
Amiablevagabond icon.png The Vagabond is Incorrigible ≤ 0,
Amiablevagabond icon.png The Vagabond is Dendrified ≤ 0,

Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Recruit the Amiable Vagabond
He couldn't care less for your sovereigns. He wants to swap stories.

Game note: This will give you the Amiable Vagabond, a Signaller who will increase your Hearts by 4, your Veils by 4 and your Affiliation: Bohemia by 1.

The Vagabond boards
When you accept him aboard, he pulls a grimy bottle of something opaque and unidentifiable from his inner coat pocket and takes a long, celebratory swig. "I hope you're not having second thoughts already!" he says, and roars with laughter. He has no luggage to speak of — just the bindle over his shoulder, and a fiddle in a battered leather case. Once he has slung both onto his bed, he heads to the galley and starts performing card tricks and telling ribald jokes at the crew. Most find him charming. Several make their apologies and abscond.


The New Big Top Shop

You can buy supplies here, as long as your crew are content with circus food: roasted nuts, skewers of meat and veg, sticky honey-cakes. It also acts as a mournful outlet for the Wit and Vinegar Company, a modest London lumber concern.

Item Buy Sell
Supplies square icon.png Supplies Sovereigns icon.png 40 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 20 Sovereigns
Bronzewood square icon.png Bronzewood Sovereigns icon.png 175 Sovereigns
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