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Possessions are items that can be traded for other possessions or used through various actions, but do not take up hold space.

They show up under the Possessions tab in the groups listed here, and can be viewed by clicking on the Possessions icon.png Inventory icon / pressing I, then clicking the Possessions tab.


These items can be sold at The Royal Society

Possession Description
Searingenigma icon.png Searing Enigma An incalculably precious discovery. Don’t look at it directly, unless you want to scald your blood.
CondemnedExperiment icon.png Condemned Experiment The process was unconscionable, but results are results.
OtherworldlyArtefact icon.png Otherworldly Artefact A novelty that could never have originated on Earth. Perhaps it it is the key that will unlock heaven's mysteries! Or you could put it on the mantelpiece.
Uncannyspecimen icon.png Uncanny Specimen The remains of some celestial abhorrence. Probably dead.


These items can be sold at Titania

Possession Description
Captivatingtreasure icon.png Captivating Treasure Oh. Goodness.
Momentofinspiration icon.png Moment of Inspiration ‘It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.’
Visionoftheheavens icon.png Vision of the Heavens A fleeting glimpse of sublimity; a brief catch in the heart.
Skystory icon.png Sky-Story A tale of the High Wilderness.


These items can be sold at the Silken Salon, in London

Possession Description
Royaldispensation icon.png Royal Dispensation Her Enduring Majesty's family is generous. They know when to promise, and when to pay.
Crypticbenefactor icon.png Cryptic Benefactor A nod. A wink. They will be there when you need them.
Ministryliterature icon.png Ministry-Stamped Permit Blank, save for its stamp. A smuggler would kill for these.
Pastscandal icon.png Salon-Stewed Gossip A story so salacious it hardly matters if it’s true or not.


These items can be sold at The Gentlemen

Possession Description
Crimsonpromise icon.png Crimson Promise What is a life worth? This.
Unlicensedchart icon.png Unlicensed Chart There are courses through the cosmos which the Ministry would prefer remain untravelled.
Unaccountablypeckish icon.png Savage Secret Truth is brutal; brutality, truth.
Taleofterror icon.png Tale of Terror Do not share it with those of a sensitive disposition.


Possession Description
Clock icon.png Fastidious Inspector She is short and square-shouldered, in a neat black suit and polished shoes. She has important business in Port Prosper.
Genericcharacter icon.png Short-Sighted Cryptozoologist She's looking for something. She may not be able to see it when she finds it.
Uselesscat icon.png Monsieur Francois You have removed Monsieur Francois from the Humiliated Magician's house. The cat needs to be delivered back to Polmear & Plenty's.
Genericcharacter icon.png Settler Eyes shining with optimism, hands trembling with trepidation.
Genericcharacter icon.png Sky-Maddened Captain Wrapped in blankets and confined to the brig, he can't get worse but he certainly won't recover.
CrateofNostalgicCrockery icon.png The Pernickety Factor She has very precise tastes in tea, tea houses and tea cups. She is seeking several missing colonists.
Circus icon.png Runaway Acrobat Bone-weary and bleary eyed, they have agreed to return to the circus.
Genericcharacter icon.png The Half-Glass Empty A mournful ex-convict, twisted by the Clockwork Sun into mangled glass and flesh.
Wreckgeneric icon.png Percy Blythe Once the first captain into the High Wilderness, now a pallid host riddled with spores.
Veils icon.png Counsellor's Daughter With your assistance, she escaped Perdurance. She must be taken to her mother at the Serene Mausoleum.
Boot icon.png A Workworld Runaway They have a ticket on the New Street Line. Can you get them where they're going?
Well purple icon.png Patchwork Devil Her mouth occupies the space where an eye should be. Her nose, prettily pointed, protrudes from one cheek. She wants to go to the Well of the Wolf, in Albion.
Telescope icon.png Royal Astronomer After Carillon, he is quite comfortable with conditions on-board.
Genericcharacter icon.png Rubbery Passenger A Rubbery Man. Or Rubbery Woman? A Rubbery Person.
Well purple icon.png Abstemious Devil Her neck is slender; her poise stiff. Her dress is stern as a governess'. She wishes to go to the Well of the Wolf.
Genericcharacter icon.png Bedevilled Didact "One should b-be careful what questions one asks."
Canningequipment icon.png 'Spatchcocker' Meg "Keep an eye out. The skies didn't never want us here."
Genericcharacter icon.png Plucky Baroness "Pip pip! No time to waste!"
Maskedcitizen icon.png Masked Citizen "I'm sure everything will be fine. More absinthe?"
Amenablehost icon.png Amenable Host A beautiful amnesiac with the arrogance of a Greek god. Perhaps this is the man Lord Langley seeks.
Terror icon.png The Navigator's Friend A terribly quiet chap, with adventurous dreams.
Genericcharacter icon.png Grumbling Dead They have made clear – repeatedly – that they wish to return to London. Best do it fast: their presence is an awkward reminder of mortality. It sets the crew on edge.
Crew icon.png The Crew of the Boatman The crew is anxious to return to the Most Serene Mausoleum – if only to get it over with.
Book icon.png Illuminated Archivist He is handsome, stubborn, and his memories are not as they should be. Perhaps he is the man Lord Langley searches for.
Genericcharacter icon.png Empyrean Hostage An Empyreal citizen awaiting ransom. Take them to Eagle's Empyrean.
Camera icon.png Mme. Lumière The elderly woman has requested that you return her to New Winchester.
Genericcharacter icon.png The Audacious Servitor It won't stop asking questions about you, the engine, the crew.
Genericcharacter icon.png A gaggle of Psalmists They're bound for the White Well, in the Blue Kingdom. Your crew were quite happy to have good Christian churchfolk aboard, until they listened to the sermons.

Port Reports[]

Possession Description
Taleofterror icon.png Report: Carillon An infernally-sponsored sanatorium dedicated to improving the soul.

Albion: Most Serene Mausoleum[]

Possession Description
Taleofterror icon.png Favour Bestowed You are earning the tolerance of the Deathless Few.

Albion: The Floating Parliament[]

Possession Description
Iron icon.png The Will of the People This could be the foundation of a new law.
Loveletter icon.png A New Bill Carefully written on vellum. Awaiting Royal Assent.
Key icon.png Key to the House of Lords Bronze. Heavy. Slightly rusted after years of sitting in a drawer.
Key icon.png Key to the Victoria Tower Rusted and chipped, it is rarely used.
Secretary icon.png Cabinet Secretary's Diary His schedule is full. Then the events just drop off.
Telescope icon.png Royal Astronomer's Report Its contents are likely explosive, to the handful of people able to understand it.
Loveletter icon.png The Dignity of Albion Bill It states, over the course of some three hundred tightly written pages, that the Empress may make no law without the agreement of Parliament. Nor may she refuse to respect its judgement in matters of law. A shame there is no clause in there about not shooting the messenger responsible for delivering it.

Discovery: Wells[]

Possession Description
Iron icon.png The Rite of Wrongs You undertook a rite at Old Tom's Well.
+10 Iron-3 Hearts-2 Mirrors+10 You have Taken Part in a Well-Rite
Bloody icon.png The Rite of the Rack You undertook a rite at the Well of the Wolf.
Taleofterror icon.png The Rite of Raving You undertook a rite at the Well of Wonders.

Eleutheria: House of Rods and Chains[]

Possession Description
Amberblue icon.png Chunks of Blue Amber A fist-sized chunk of Rubbery secretions, the colour of nostalgia and regret.
Amberred icon.png Chunks of Red Amber A fist-sized chunk of Rubbery secretions, the colour of life and pain.
Ambergreen icon.png Chunks of Green Amber A fist-sized chunk of Rubbery secretions the colour of home and loss.
Amberbeige icon.png Chunks of Soft Amber A fist-sized lump of Rubbery secretions with the colour, texture and commercial worth of earwax.
Amber icon.png Chunks of Golden Amber A fist-sized chunk of Rubbery secretions, shining the colour of hope.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Seal of Mr Barleycorn A single Correspondence symbol.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Seal of Mr Pennies It bears its name in the Correspondence.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Broken Seal of Mr Pennies You have given the seal to Mr Barleycorn.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Seal of Mr Pipes A single Correspondence symbol.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Broken Seal of Mr Pipes You have given the seal to Mr Barleycorn.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Seal of Mr Menagerie A single Correspondence symbol.
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The Broken Seal of Mr Menagerie You have given the seal to Mr Barleycorn.


Possession Description
Stovepipe icon.png The Windward Company's Gratitude The Company pays its debts.
Boot icon.png The Tacketies' Gratitude The Independents hold you in some regard.
Mirrors icon.png The Ministry's Gratitude The Ministry of Public Decency finds your reports on distant ports most illuminating.
Iron icon.png The New Street Line's Gratitude You have assisted the New Street Line with their endeavours.
Royalsociety icon.png The Royal Society's Gratitude You are currently held in some esteem. The brilliant minds of the Society have, however, short memories.
Hearts icon.png The Gratitude of the Embassy of Albion The Embassy of Albion owes you favours.
Devilshell icon.png The Porphyry Court's Gratitude Approval from the Devils in the Toll-Tower.


Possession Description
Heirloomwealth icon.png Heirloom: A Token of Vast Wealth A Captain in your lineage retired in a condition of obscene wealth.
Heirloomsongofthesky icon.png Heirloom: The Song of the Sky A captain in your lineage wrote of their exploits in the Wilderness. Scholars debated its accuracy, its message, but never its merits (its merits are without question).
Dyingstar icon.png Heirloom: a Terrible Secret Passed down from captain to captain, your lineage knows the hypocrisy of the heavens: that the stars are at war.
Martyrkingscup icon.png Heirloom: the Martyr-King's Cup An extravagant cup that turned up one day on your doorstep, with an anonymous note from an admirer of your lineage. When you drink from it you can half-recall a faceless queen, and duels beneath the moon.


Possession Description
Fire icon.png Charred Stovepipe Nameplate Acquired from the wreckage of a slaughtered dreadnought. Its name has been contorted by heat.
Lantern icon.png Eleutherian Mystery Sometimes light only reveals the profoundness of the dark.
Hull icon.png Experimental Modifications Acquired at the Royal Society.
Loveletter icon.png Invitation to Perdurance 'You are hereby cordially invited to spend a single day at the Half-Light Masque...'
Portgeneric icon.png Mangled Tackety Nameplate A battered brass plate bearing the name of a Tackety vessel. It is still smoking from the force of your guns.
Locomotive icon.png Plaque from a Douser Engine The name is painted over in lampblack. The Eagle's Empyrean pays bounties for these.
Pastunlikelyhaul icon.png Previously Impounded Goods The Reach still relies on Albion for certain supplies.
Clockworksun icon.png Well-Intentioned Package The problem with the needy is that they keep needing things. The Dazzled Sequencer earnestly believes this will help.
Verdantseeds icon.png Blue Kingdom Snuff A small pot of expensive smelling tobacco.
Bloody icon.png Captive Guests The oily invertebrates writhe and squirm, pressing against the walls of their container.
Loveletter icon.png Scrap of Ancient Knowledge A sliver of hidden learning, recovered from one of the many ruined libraries that dot Eleutheria like bonfires on a beach.
Hearts icon.png Ticket for the New Street Line The Line does not exist, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get people where they need to go.
Knifehand icon.png Cantankeri Trophy Ready for mounting at the New Somerset Hunting Club.
Knifehand icon.png Chorister Bee Trophy Ready for mounting at the New Somerset Hunting Club.
Knifehand icon.png Scrive-Spinster Trophy Ready for mounting at the New Somerset Hunting Club.
Loveletter icon.png New Somerset Hunting Club Membership Your ticket to Port Avon's most prestigious hunting club. If you live to exceedingly old age.
Choristernectar icon.png Caged Chorister Bee It sings, mournfully, in its cage. Don't be fooled. Its stinger glistens, eagerly.
London icon.png Contraband: Albion It's not illegal unless you get caught with it.

Reach: Lustrum[]

Possession Description
BarrelofUnseasonedHours icon.png Ambiguous Shard A jagged piece of mystery brought back from Lustrum’s caves.
Lustrum icon.png A Claim on the Mountain A small patch of the Mother of Mountains you can call your own.

Reach: Polmear and Plenty's[]

Possession Description
Sovereigns icon.png Tickets to the Circus ADMIT ONE, they say. They do not say what you should admit.

Reach: Port Avon[]

Possession Description
Loveletter icon.png The New Somerset Hunting Club You have applied for membership.

Reach: Leadbeater and Stainrod[]

Possession Description
Affiliationacadame icon.png Map of the Reserve This will guide you in relative safety. The dangers change often. Be sure to have an up-to-date map.

Blue Kingdom[]

Possession Description
Hearts icon.png The Absence of a Heart You have left your heart in the Blue Kingdom, as surety of your return.
Terror icon.png Testament of Salt A document ascertaining that you are indeed ready to go forward.
Selectionofimmaculatesouls icon.png Testament of Roses A pedigree confirming the quality and authenticity of a notable soul.
Originpoet icon.png Testament of the Feather A document from a senior official in the Blue Kingdom's bureaucracy requesting a service from an official similarly senior.
Terror icon.png Indulgence A document permitting much. Highly valued in the bureaucracy of the Blue Kingdom, where it can bypass protocol and override precedent.
Book icon.png Litigator: the Cowled Loquacitor It is willing to assist with any notarisiacal concerns.
Devilshell icon.png Litigator: the Embittered Devil He has the face of an arsonist and the breath of a blast furnace.
Terror icon.png Litigator: the Nameless Spirit It carries a jar containing its voice. It wears a mask. And yet it seems familiar.

Blue Kingdom: Sky Barnet[]

Possession Description
Book icon.png Volume of Notes on the Blue Kingdom 448 pages, illustrated, with index. Bound in the leather of a spirit bull. Inaccurate.

Blue Kingdom: Death's Door[]

Possession Description
Uncannyspecimen icon.png The Mesmeric Orator A jar with a sonorous, almost hypnotic voice. It is carried by a silent spirit.
Stainedglass icon.png The Lost Love The spirit of a long-lost love. Outside the Blue Kingdom, she must be kept out of sight and out of starlight.
Uncannyspecimen icon.png The Lost Love's Voice A jar that holds the voice of the Lost Love, but not her soul, nor her mind.

Blue Kingdom: The White Well[]

Possession Description
Unaccountablypeckish icon.png The Rite of Wedlock You undertook a rite at the White Well.
Terror icon.png The Corpse of a Priest Quick, fetch the embalming fluid, it's beginning to thaw!

Blue Kingdom: Forge of Souls[]

Possession Description
Affiliationestablishment icon.png Aspect of Dominion You have permission to use a chamber of unparalleled sovereignty in your forging.
Bloody icon.png Aspect of Incarnadine You have permission to use a chamber of sanguine potency in your forging.
Clock icon.png Aspect of the Hourglass You have permission to use a chamber of chronomantic puissance in your forging.
Bronzewood icon.png Aspect of Verdance You have permission to use a chamber of exquisite vitality in your forging.

Opening Narrative[]

Possession Description
Blackbox icon.png Black Box Captain Whitlock ensured that this was left to you along with the Orphean, her locomotive. Her last wish was that you take it to a certain address in London, at your convenience.

Ambition: The Martyr-King's Cup[]

Possession Description
Book icon.png The Chamberlain's Journal A leather-bound notebook packed with dense, half-legible scrawls. It has been stained black and gold and red. It stings your eyes to look upon it.

Correspondence Sigils – Once Lost, Now Found[]

Possession Description
Sigil15 icon.png The Wound That Saves Your Life It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil2 icon.png The Pain Experienced at Apogee It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil11 icon.png The Final Moment of Acceleration It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil13 icon.png An Exchange of Burdens It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil12 icon.png One Fateful Event that Depends on Countless Others It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil10 icon.png The Conquest of an All-Too-Familiar Rival It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil16 icon.png The Erroneous Assumption That There Will Be a Tomorrow It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil18 icon.png An Old Orbit, Fondly Remembered It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil7 icon.png A Mistake, Forged into a Triumph It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil17 icon.png An Elaborate But Fragile Artifice It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil5 icon.png The Revelation That Uncertainty is Itself an Answer It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil4 icon.png Two Futures, Endlessly Circling It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil1 icon.png To Become Fire Rather Than Be Burned It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil8 icon.png To Assemble a Name from Scars It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil3 icon.png The Improbable Collusion of Two Unrelated Perils It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil6 icon.png The Imagined Contents of a Span of Time Between When an Event was Supposed to Occur, and When it Finally Did It quivers and burns in your vision.
Sigil4 icon.png Writ Upon the Heavens It quivers and burns in your vision.


Possession Description
Smuggling icon.png Contraband A dangerous cargo. Beware the Revenue Men!