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Revolutionary Airs
Category Hidden
Type Eleutheria: Pan - Winter's Reside
Data ID 137403

Revolutionary Airs is considered a Hidden Quality Eleutheria: Pan - Winter's Reside in Sunless Skies.

Hidden description[]

"The mood of revolutionaries is consistent, but not immutable."


Hidden Qualities are used to track various things and are invisble to the player.

Quality status[]

Revolutionary Airs has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Variable Interaction description[]

These desciptions appear when a specific group is called for text.


  • [0] The dark haired youth with a quick, warm smile sees you standing alone. \"Outcasts are welcome here.\" He brings you into a huddle of chattering Revolutionaries. \n\nOne is recounting brief reunion with a loved one working undercover in London. He passes on her discoveries – a Lord sympathetic to the cause; an urchin aligned with the Ministry – before enthusing about the evening they spent together.
  • [10] A full crew pours from Corncrake House, making for a freshly repaired engine. They carry maps, guns and bombs.
  • [25] You follow the Xenophilic Youth to a small stall selling pasties – he buys you one. While you eat – narrowly avoiding burning your mouth – the boy running the stall tells you of the latest escapades of his favourite Revolutionary captain. Seems he has quite the crush."
  • [35] A Revolutionary stands on a chair, imploring his comrades to direct their attentions to a particular workworld. An uneasy crowd gathers. The Xenophilic Youth explains: \"We've all someone trapped. Not everyone gets help.\"
  • [45] \"Move! Move!\" Stretcher bearers press through a crowd. A woman, twisted with pain, lies upon it. Her left hand is transparent. \n\n\"She was doing undercover work, at the Sun. Looks like they didn't get her out in time.\" The Xenophilic Youth is pale with distress.
  • [50] The dark haired youth introduces you to some of his friends. \"I met them at University. They came here, and I followed. Just out of curiosity, mind you.\"\n\nA woman draws him into a hug, laughing. \"He claims he's not a revolutionary. I certainly can't tell.\" The youth blushes, and smiles.
  • [65] A bound and gagged man in resplendent but tattered attire is marched to a house with barred windows. Two Revolutionaries follow – their faces covered by dark masks. The others draw back as they pass.
  • [75] There is a loud burst of laughter. Someone calls the Xenophilic Youth over. He asks you to join him. A group is talking about the downfall of the owner of a workworld. Apparently, it'll be days before his absence is noted – he'll be ancient before the officials find him.
  • [85] This pair of revolutionaries are engaged in vigorous debate. One calls the Xenophilic Youth over to break the deadlock; the other waves him away. \"He can't join us. He has to hear the story separately.\" \n\n\"What? You actually obey that law? Why?\" There's a grimace, but no adequate response.


  • [0] He shares a tale from a Revolutionary who has journeyed as far as the Reach. She spoke of a wind 'like dragon's breath' and warned of stars like eyes, that shifted to follow as her locomotive travelled.
  • [25] He passes you a photograph. It's an image of a vast arch framing the sky. \"Look through it, not at it.\" There! When you let light fall just so, you can see constellations that should not be there.
  • [50] He speaks with frustration of the Ministry. Its insistence on Britishness drains the unique from everything it touches. It destroys new cultures, new languages – they must remain unsullied, for him to explore.
  • [75] He recites a poem he wrote, based on events in the Winchester War. The third verse, however, is unlike any accounts you've heard. \"Ah yes,\" he says. \"People here see things others don't.\""


  • [0] The agreement is made, and a runner is sent into Corncrake House. Several minutes later, they return carrying a large, mahogany box. They grin when you open it to check the contents – they'd have done the same.


Interactions in Brief[]

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Interaction Action Result Type Change
A Solitary Cobbled Street 'Mingle with the revolutionaries' Default / Challenge Fail = [d:100]
A Solitary Cobbled Street 'Mingle with the revolutionaries' Rare Event = [d:100]
A Solitary Cobbled Street 'Share what you've learned of Eleutheria' Default / Challenge Fail = [d:100]
A Solitary Cobbled Street 'Negotiate for a Captivating Treasure' Default / Challenge Fail = [d:100]
A Solitary Cobbled Street 'Trade for a Captivating Treasure' Default / Challenge Fail = [d:100]

Interactions in Detail[]

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Story Action Required Effect
A Solitary Cobbled Street Mingle with the revolutionaries Default: Rare:
Share what you've learned of Eleutheria Default:
Negotiate for a Captivating Treasure Default:
Trade for a Captivating Treasure Default:

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