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Sovereign is considered a Misc undefined in Sunless Skies.

General description[]

Sovereigns icon.png Sovereign are the currency used in Sunless Skies.

Many items, most notably Fuel and Supplies, need to be bought in exchange for Sovereigns. They can also be used to repair your hull, or buy you cargo, modules, crew or even a new locomotive. Sovereigns are also required to complete the Ambition: Wealth.

Sovereigns can be earned by completing various different actions.

One of the easiest ways is by collecting Port Reports from various ports, then handing them to either Victory Hall or Company House. By doing so, you can also get various quantities of free Fuel and Supplies. See the Port Report page for more information.

Another way to earn Sovereigns is through buying and selling items. As most cargo items are bought and sold for the same amount at all shops, you will have to use Bargains and Prospects by visiting various ports' Bazaars in order to net a profit.

You can also earn Sovereigns by delivering Settlers to other ports. Pick them up from New Winchester and deliver them to where they request to go. Other passengers, such as the The Fastidious Inspector or the Pernickety Factor, will also pay you to deliver them elsewhere.

Currency description[]

"Minted by the resurgent Empire, and accepted even among the stars."



Sovereign interactions

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