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Spectacles are locations in the High Wilderness with which you cannot interact, but which will affect your Terror icon.png Terror in some way.

Each spectacle has a charge which begins to dissipate and apply its Terror effect when you enter its immediate area, marked by the display of its log entry. Once the charge has run out, your normal rate of Terror gain will resume. The time over which the Terror effect is applied varies from spectacle to spectacle, and while it eventually runs out they do recharge.

There are two types:

    ChartHorror icon.png Horror spectacles, which increase Terror.
    ChartWonder icon.png Wonder spectacles, which reduce Terror.

List of Spectacles[]

Once discovered, the names of spectacles will show on the map, along with a symbol denoting their type. However, not all named locations on the map are spectacles, ports or discoveries.

The Reach[]

Name Circle in the Reach Type Log Entries Notes
Apoidean Gardens Outer Wonder Your navigator is entranced by the wash of flowers. '...and soon arrived in fields of asphodel,' they recite, 'the home of shadows who have been worn to weariness'. Found near Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve.
Memorial to the Unknown Rat Outer Wonder

The inscription on the Memorial to the Unknown Rat is dedicated to 'those brave rattus faber who gave their lives in the early exodus to Heaven'.
You approach the Memorial to the Unknown Rat. One by one, your crew remove their hats.

Found near Port Prosper
Regent's Tears Outer Wonder

A tremble in the air, which swells to a thunder.
The falls cascade through the sky, alight with all the hues of heaven.
"The Regent's Tears!" a crewman cries. The rest of the crew crowd to the windows, eager for a glance.

Found near Traitor's Wood.
Braley Rock Inner Horror Miners dug too deep into this worldlet, disturbing a disgruntlement of Cantankeri. Found near Port Prosper
Desolation of Saliba Outer Horror Sigils crawl on these ancient ruins like marching ants.
Faith's Fall Outer Horror

"A Messenger of the Heavens", breathes a member of your crew. There are tears in his eyes.
Behold. The remains of a celestial behemoth, rotting gently.

Found near Hybras
Grave of the Silent Saint Outer Horror

How deeply do the dead sleep? Fly softly.
See! Even death may die.

Found near Lustrum
Regent's Grave Outer Horror You near the heart of the wood, silent and solemn. Found near Traitor's Wood.
Schwartz's Oath Outer Horror The ruins of an ancient structure, once kissed by a long-dead sun.
Tiggelaar's Haunt Outer Horror Sigils glow on these ruins, lambent in the mist.


Besides the fixed-location Spectacles, the mists near Worlebury and the Avid Horizon occasionally produce enormous cyclopean Flukes rising from the depths to look at you. These cannot be interacted with and do not attack, but act as temporary Horrors from the time they begin to surface until they have faded beneath the mists. It is unclear whether this stacks with the Lighthouse or the Horizon if both are within range.

Name Circle in Albion Type Log Entries Notes
Tower of Chimes Outer Wonder

A giant has fallen.
"His own self," a crewman sniffs. "The very Biggest of Bens."
"Listen!" A crewman hisses. "It's good luck if you hear him chime."

Found near The Floating Parliament
The Dead Sun(The King of Hours) Inner Horror The still-cooling corpse of a sun shudders, far below. Its fires have failed. Its light have died.

You fly over a dead sun. Its blackened remnants immortalise Her Enduring Majesty's conquest of this quarter of heaven.

Found near The Most Serene Mausoleum.
Skyhenge Inner Horror The ruins are arranged in a ring, like the strokes on a clockface, or the monoliths of Stonehenge.

Old, cold ruins stand here, the work of a conquered sun.

Found near Perdurance. Surrounded by several Wefts of Unravelling Time.
The Avid Horizon Outer Horror In this place that is two places, the sky remembers the sea. Found near Avid Horizon.
The Clockwork Sun Outer Horror The sun's light glows in your windows, the colour and thickness of old cream.

The sun's light throbs in your windows, washed-out and wan.
The sun blazes gold in your windows!

Located around the station of the same name. Travelling to the center of the Sun will deplete your locomotive's Hull by the seconds.
St Anthony's Lighthouse Outer Horror A lighthouse, grey and slender, watches over the misty sea.

A lighthouse looms from the mists. A thin platform would allow you to dock.
Queasy light pushes through the mists. A lighthouse.

Found near Worlebury-juxta-Mare.


Name Circle in Eleutheria Type Log Entries Notes
The Xanthous Moon Outer Wonder The Empyrean have built a homemade moon to light their corner of the sky; its steel frame festooned with lamps.

The Xanthous Moon, built at the command of the Khan, stains the sky with yellow.

Found near Eagle's Empyrean.
Domain of the Halved Outer Horror A black and seething sun! The Halved sheds no light, and no law.

The attention of the Halved falls briefly on your vessel. Your crew wail as its eye fills your windows!
The Halved! The sun turned to night!

Found near The House of Rods and Chains.

The Blue Kingdom[]

Name Circle in The Blue Kingdom Type Log Entries Notes
Horologion Outer Wonder Horologion: the dial by which the servants of the Sapphir'd King move.

The movement of Horologion dictate the rituals and observances of the Blue Kingdom.

Found near The Shadow of the Sun