Sunless Skies Wiki

Buying Sunless Skies with Steam will give you 31 x Steam achievements to unlock.

List of Achievements[]

Portrait Achievement name Description Notes
SSk Achievements A Comfortable Retirement.jpg A Comfortable Retirement Retire to a grand mansion with a hoard to make a dragon envious.
SSk Achievements A Full Complement.jpg A Full Complement Appoint a full complement of officers, including a Mascot.
SSk Achievements A New Lineage.jpg A New Lineage Pass your locomotive to a new captain in your lineage.
SSk Achievements A Soul the Devil Wouldn't Touch.jpg A Soul the Devil Wouldn't Touch Possess a soul devoid of redeeming qualities.
SSk Achievements A Staunch Stovepipe.jpg A Staunch Stovepipe Become a valued agent of the Windward Company.
SSk Achievements A True Tackety.jpg A True Tackety Become a hero to the Tacketies.
SSk Achievements A Whistle-Stop Tour.jpg A Whistle-Stop Tour Visit all four regions with a single captain.
SSk Achievements All Shall be Well.jpg All Shall be Well Have 0 Crew, 0 Fuel, 0 Supplies, and Terror of 90 or more.
SSk Achievements An Enemy of All Gods.jpg An Enemy of All Gods Anger all the sky-gods at once.
SSk Achievements Blythe Spirits.jpg Blythe Spirits Decide the fate of Percy Blythe.
SSk Achievements Fully Armed and Operational.jpg Fully Armed and Operational Learn the Unassailable Founder's secret.
SSk Achievements Idylls of the King.jpg Idylls of the King Complete the quest for the Martyr-King's Cup.
SSk Achievements Lavenders Blue, Lavenders Green.jpg Lavenders Blue, Lavenders Green Hatch and adopt a certain lovable scamp, even if he keeps stealing your crew's fingers and toes.
SSk Achievements Lose Yourself.jpg Lose Yourself Be consumed by your nightmares.
SSk Achievements Off the Rails.jpg Off the Rails Succumb to your terror.
SSk Achievements The Black Box.jpg The Black Box Resolve Captain Whitlock's Legacy.
SSk Achievements The Clockwise Kingdom.jpg The Clockwise Kingdom Discover all stations in Albion.
SSk Achievements The Districts of the Dead.jpg The Districts of the Dead Discover all stations in the Blue Kingdom.
SSk Achievements The Flying Zoo.jpg The Flying Zoo Have all the following scouts and mascots aboard at once: the Inadvisably Big Dog, the Perfect Pangolin, the Useless Cat, the Diffident Bat, the Star-Smitten Bat, the Intrepid Cavey and the Ratronaut.
SSk Achievements The Fortunes of War.jpg The Fortunes of War Upset the balance of power in the Reach.
SSk Achievements The Garden of Heaven.jpg The Garden of Heaven Discover all stations in the Reach.
SSk Achievements The Midnight Groves.jpg The Midnight Groves Discover all stations in Eleutheria.
SSk Achievements The Stars are Dying.jpg The Stars are Dying Learn the secret that the stars hide, and find a way it won't kill you.
SSk Achievements Then and Back Again.jpg Then and Back Again Return from a Weft of Unravelling Time.
SSk Achievements This Service Will Terminate Here.jpg This Service Will Terminate Here Fly your locomotive beyond Death's Door and there meet your end.
SSk Achievements Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead.jpg Tradition is the Democracy of the Dead Complete the Boatman's journey.
SSk Achievements Unto the Seventh Generation.jpg Unto the Seventh Generation Continue a lineage to its seventh captain.
SSk Achievements Where the Winds Wait.jpg Where the Winds Wait Launch a successful expedition into the Graveyard of Stars.
SSk Achievements Who are you in the Dark-.jpg Who are you in the Dark? Advance a captain to level 20.
SSk Achievements Writ Upon the Sky.jpg Writ Upon the Sky Retire to a life of fame, having written the Song of the Sky.
SSk Achievements —E SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN TH—.jpg —E SUN THE SUN THE SUN THE SUN TH— Restore the Clockwork Sun to its strength and its glory.