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Terror is a status affecting your Captain and Crew in Sunless Skies.

When travelling, your Terror gradually increases, and your current level can be viewed in the UI as a white bar on black, and the exact percentage can be seen by hovering over the skull icon. Docking at the major/central post (In the Reach, this is New Winchester) will reduce your terror by 25, if your last visit is at least 15 days in the past. Being close to any port (once the log entry is displayed on screen) will temporarily pause Terror increase.

If your terror level gets high, bad things start to happen. If it reaches 100%, your captain is likely to die. You can, however, trade off terror for Nightmares. Whichever is worse.

Terror description[]

"You are not welcome here."

Increasing Terror[]

Travelling through the High Wilderness will gradually increase Terror. At this time, the UI will pulse red, and the Terror icon will have a red tint to it. The increase is roughly 1% Terror every 20 seconds.

This increase will double (1 terror every 10 seconds) if you are within range of a Horror spectacle or while your headlight is turned off. The red pulsing will increase, and there will be a red and black camera effect around the edges of the screen. If you turn of your headlight while near a Horror, the terror gain quadruples.

Terror can also be increased through several actions, such as failing skill checks.

Reducing Terror[]

When travelling, Terror can be reduced by being within range of a Wonder spectacle.

Terror can also be reduced through several actions.

Location Storylet Name Unlocked With Effects Notes
Hybras icon.png Hybras Take tea at the Brendan This becomes unavailable once the colonists disappear.
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum Enjoy a lovely cup of tea
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's Request a treatment for loneliness
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's Request a treatment for guilt
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's Request a treatment for a personal failing
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's Request a treatment for ennui.
Portavon icon.png Port Avon Take a relaxing stroll around the village
Portavon icon.png Port Avon Watch a cricket match
Portavon icon.png Port Avon Sit with the eel-fishers
Portavon icon.png Port Avon Read a work of speculative fiction Whether you get a Sky-Story or a Tale of Terror depends on the story chosen, but all will reduce Terror.
Portavon icon.png Port Avon Appreciate an amount of cider Success! 30% success at 18 Iron. 36% success at 21 Iron.

Quality status[]

Terror has different statuses according to your actions, defined by the comment in front of the quality.

Decreased Interaction description[]

These desciptions appear specifically when the value decreases.

  • [0] You are briefly without Terror.
  • [1] Your Terror has reduced.

Variable Interaction description[]

These desciptions appear when a specific group is called for text.


  • [0] DreamOfEyes"


  • [0] Is it dead? How was it not dead before, with its tatters of flesh and its bared bones? There is, admittedly, rather less of it now – but is that enough?\n\nAs you watch, parts of it fade from sight. The touch of your lamplight reveals them again, but it is enough to make you wonder if it is there at all. Which is true, the presence or the absence?
  • [50] It is not dead. Perhaps it cannot die. Its remaining substance is mottled with invisibility, patches of it fading, then returning, only to fade again. Its many-boned claw-fingers still move languidly, as if stroking a cat. \n\nIt has begun to whisper, in voices you have heard in your nightmares. They have very interesting things to say.\n"


  • [0] The thin air of the heavens fills with greasy smoke. The smell is overwhelming. Flames devour the corpse – or is it simply fading from view again, hiding itself in the unseen corners of the night?
  • [50] The beast howls as the flames race across it, burning fast on subcutaneous layers of curdled fat and oil. Its long, bony fingers curl like the legs of a dying spider. But you can still hear the whispers, even when there is nothing left but ashes and smoke.


Terror Interactions


Prospect Name Item Required Delivery Location Amount Required Earned per item Total earned Bonus
Nectar for Magdalene's Choristernectar icon.png Gourd of Chorister Nectar Magdalene's 3 Sovereigns icon.png 240 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 720 Sovereigns Terror icon.png -50 x Terror


If your terror gets too high, you can reduce it by increasing your Nightmares. They can be cured at Magdalene's.