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A chart of The Blue Kingdom

The Blue Kingdom is one of the four regions of the High Wilderness. It is still ruled by a sun, and inhabited by the dead.


The Blue Kingdom is the smallest region in the game, but also the most challenging, and should only be attempted by high-level Captains with very well-equipped ships. There are a number of new, difficult opponents which will try to attack you, but that isn't the only reason to leave the Blue Kingdom until you're ready for it. The Blue Kingdom can be very frustrating to navigate, because of it s unique bureaucracy. Your Blue Kingdom Status limits which ports you can interact with, and you will need to spend expensive resources just to work the system or bend the rules to even get encounters. What's more, you can't buy Supplies in the Blue Kingdom. The only sustenance there is petrichor, the food of the dead, which will keep you alive but incurs a potentially hefty penalty upon leaving the Kingdom. And finally, there are relatively few trade opportunities in the Blue Kingdom.

The Blue Kingdom[]

Name Circle in the Blue Kingdom Log Entries
Tolltower icon.png Sky Barnet Outer Once, devils ruled here. Now, only bureaucracy.

Sky Barnet, where London has made an outpost in the kingdom of the dead.
The entry to the Blue Kingdom and the one place here where the living almost outnumber the dead.

Tolltower icon.png The House of Days Outer This is the court of the Sun's Daughter, whose radiance is a glory of the heavens.

This is the House of Days, where the Pansekritis may be petitioned.

Forgeofsouls icon.png The Forge of Souls Outer Crew press their noses to the windows, hoping for a glimpse of the fabled Forge of Souls.

The sky ahead is smogged with gleaming dust: you near the Forge of Souls.

Whitewell icon.png The White Well Outer Here judgement is pronounced and sentence executed.
Whitewell icon.png Wellmouth Outer Here a prison of the Blue Kingdom, reserved for punishment of the erroneous dead.

White Well, where the guilty are condemned.
Winds claw your engine. The White Well is near.

Deathsdoorstep icon.png Death's Door Outer A stoker sings: "The wind doth blow today, my love, and a few small drops of rain. I never had but one true love, and in cold grave she was lain."

Even from here, you can hear digging. This is Death's Door, where the dead tunnel to their final progress.

Deathsdoorstep icon.png The Shadow of the Sun Outer (none)


Name Circle in the Blue Kingdom Type Log Entry
Horologion Outer Wonder Horologion: the dial by which the servants of the Sapphir'd King move.

The movement of Horologion dictate the rituals and observances of the Blue Kingdom.

Region Hub Ports Discoveries / Spectacles
The Reach Newwinchester icon.png New Winchester Carillon icon.png Carillon

Hybras icon.png Hybras
Naturereserve icon.png Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's
Circus icon.png Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus
Portavon icon.png Port Avon
Portprosper icon.png Port Prosper
Titania icon.png Titania
Traitorswood icon.png Traitor's Wood
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Signalbox icon.png An Abandoned Signal Box

Default icon.png Faith's Fall
Well green icon.png Old Tom's Well
Regentsgrave icon.png Regent's Grave
Rose icon.png The Flowerfields
Default icon.png The Regent's Tears
Wreckgeneric icon.png The Silent Saint
Reach icon.png The War of Fossils
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Parzifal

Albion London icon.png London Avidhorizon icon.png Avid Horizon (The Stair to the Sea)

Perdurance icon.png Perdurance
Brabazon icon.png The Brabazon Workworld
Clockworksun icon.png The Clockwork Sun
Floatingparliament icon.png The Floating Parliament
Serenemausoleum icon.png The Most Serene Mausoleum
Royalsociety icon.png The Royal Society
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays
Worlebury icon.png Worlebury-juxta-Mare

Default icon.png Skyhenge

Lantern icon.png St Anthony's Lighthouse
Avidhorizon icon.png The Avid Horizon
Well purple icon.png Well of the Wolf
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Boatman

Eleutheria Pan icon.png Pan Achlys icon.png Achlys

Caduceus icon.png Caduceus
Eaglesempyrean icon.png Eagle's Empyrean
Langleyhall icon.png Langley Hall
Piranesi icon.png Piranesi
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The House of Rods and Chains
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Default icon.png The Xanthous Moon

Well yellow icon.png The Well of Wonders
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Berrenger

The Blue Kingdom Tolltower icon.png Sky Barnet Deathsdoorstep icon.png Death's Door (The Shadow of the Sun)

Forgeofsouls icon.png The Forge of Souls
Whitewell icon.png The White Well (Wellmouth)
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relay

Deathsdoorstep icon.png Horologion