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The Gentlemen
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The Gentlemen (Sidebar)
Located in Eleutheria
Ports The Gentlemen
Shops The Gentlemen (Shop)
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The Gentlemen is a platform in Eleutheria.

The Hour in Pan[]

This storylet will sometimes automatically show when docking at The Gentlemen.
See Pan icon.png The Hour in Pan for possible interactions.

The Gentlemen[]

The Gentlemen
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 307977

The Gentlemen[]

This part of Pan is claimed by the Gentlemen: a notorious gang of smugglers, and their families, hangers-on, clients and parasites. Lanterns hang on posts, making paths of pooled lamplight across the ruins. Ramshackle pubs have been built in tumbled naves and old arches. Here, in the lawless galleries of Pan, the Gentlemen have no need to hide their activities. Smugglers boast of their schemes and their murders. Wild laughter rings out. Knives glint.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Look around
Disembark and explore.
You are not welcome here
The Gentlemen are close-knit, and their oaths of silence are savage. Any visitor might be an informant for the Revenue Men. When a large gang begins to gather, bristling with blades and cudgels, you return to your engine.
Take your ease
The Gentlemen know of you. You are welcome here.
The smuggler's home
Smugglers strut like kings through the streets, wearing their black coats like finery and their scars like crowns. They nod to you as they pass.

Barrels of starshine are rolled openly along the streets. It is delivered by star-rakers who comb it from Eleutheria's still pools and bring it here for the Gentlemen to distribute across the heavens.

In the taverns and on the streets, a hundred shady deals are being struck. The air hums with illicit opportunity.

Game note: You can peruse the available smuggling prospects at the bazaar here.

The Midnight Confessional
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 310999

The Midnight Confessional[]

In the gloom behind the lights of Pan, the Gentlemen ply their midnight trade. They shun those who don't know their signs or their oaths, forbidding entry to their hidden sanctuary. But a confessional box stands on the platform's end. There skyfarers may sell information to the Gentlemen, while the identities of both parties remain safely concealed.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Offer a Tale of Terror
A warning.
Taking heed
The person behind the confessional's grille is silent. But the wooden panel at the bottom slides open. Your payment is passed through. Then, with a snap, it is closed.

Game note: Gain 15 Sovereigns and 10 Experience.

Offer several Tales of Terror
You know of many dangers.
A message understood
The person on the other side of the grille gasps, softly. The panel at the bottom of the grille is opened; your payment.

Game note: Gain 50 Sovereigns and 30 Experience.

Offer many Tales of Terror
You have seen too much.
The savage skies
Perhaps you feel better after sharing your burden. The silent figure on the other side of the grille does not. You hear them sobbing, softly. Eventually, slowly, the panel at the bottom is opened and your payment pushed through.
Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Game note: Gain 85 Sovereigns and 50 Experience.

Offer a Savage Secret
A secret ought to be confessed. The Gentlemen may need it.
A secret no longer
An exhalation from the other side of the grille, as if something that had long been a mystery finally makes sense. "Thank you," says a woman's voice, bitter as burned coffee. Your payment is passed through a hinged panel.

Game note: Gain 70 Sovereigns and 50 Experience.

Offer an Unlicensed Chart
You have charted a stretch of the heavens that the Gentlemen may not have travelled.
Passing the chart through the grille is an awkward business. At last, it is apparent you are going to need to remove the grille temporarily. The man on the other side slides a mask through to you, so that your identity may go uncompromised. He pours over your map, the dim light revealing the horned contours of his mask. At last, he is satisfied, and passes your payment across.

Game note: Gain 300 Sovereigns and 250 Experience.

Offer a Crimson Promise
Unburden yourself. Let this promise pass to another.
A promise remade
You whisper the terms through the grille. The woman on the other side draws a blade. There is a hiss of pain, then a bloody palm is pressed against the grille. You draw your own knife. Blood meets blood for a crimson moment.

Game note: Gain 650 Sovereigns and 500 Experience.



Locomotive captains gather at the bazaar to trade goods and information. Here, you can acquire 'prospects': opportunities to sell a good at a distant port for an excellent price. Accept a prospect to claim it, source the goods, and deliver them.

The Gentlemen (Shop)

The Gentlemen are the skies' most notorious smugglers, an extensive gang unafraid of murder or the hangman. Their primary export is starshine: waters steeped in the far-travelled light of stars that once shone upon old earth.

(This shop is unlocked after finishing the smuggling quests, Wit & Vinegar: a Smuggler's Tale)

Item Buy Sell
Starshine square icon.png Hogshead of Starshine Sovereigns icon.png 200 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 100 Sovereigns
Redhoney square icon.png Firkin of Red Honey Sovereigns icon.png 115 Sovereigns
Illicitliterature square icon.png Trunk of Illicit Literature Sovereigns icon.png 180 Sovereigns
Smugglingequipment tier2 square icon.png Concealed Cavities Sovereigns icon.png 450 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 225 Sovereigns
Smugglingequipment tier3 square icon.png Hidden Hold Sovereigns icon.png 800 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 400 Sovereigns
Hold tier2 square icon.png Cabinet of Curiosities Sovereigns icon.png 450 Sovereigns Sovereigns icon.png 225 Sovereigns