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This storylet will sometimes automatically show upon docking at Pan, The Brazen Brigade, Heart-Catcher Gardens or Winter's Reside.

It cannot be cancelled without completion, after which you will be returned to usual storylet options of the port.

The Hour in Pan
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 298855

The Hour in Pan is a Sunless Skies Story Event.

Story description[]

Clocks are not welcome in Pan. Instead, the musical piping that emits from the Adamant Idol dictates the time. The devils of the Brazen Brigade interpret it and inform the city of the current hour and the activities associated with it. An hour may be of any duration (the longest one on record lasted a month) and they occur in no fixed order. A wise captain heeds the hour before setting foot in Pan.

Trigger conditions[]

Clock icon.png Hour in Pan ≥ 1
Clock icon.png A New Hour in Pan ≥ 1
Location: Pan
Frequency: Always (100%)


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
It is the Hour of Trumpets
When devils roam the streets.
    • Clock icon.png Hour in Pan ≥ 1 and ≤ 25

It is the Hour of Leaving
When thoughts turn to far-off places.
    • Clock icon.png Hour in Pan ≥ 26 and ≤ 50

To the stars
Sometimes, the Idol's piping is rhythmic and stirring. This is the Hour of Leaving, when wanderlust sweeps the city like a sudden plague.

Game note: Recruiting crew at Pan is temporarily more effective.

It is the Hour of Veracity
When the Word-Eaters are abroad.
    • Clock icon.png Hour in Pan ≥ 51 and ≤ 75

It is the Hour of Arguments
When the factions of Pan gather in the forum to debate and quarrel.
    • Clock icon.png Hour in Pan ≥ 76