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A possible chart of The Reach

The Reach is one of the four regions in the High Wilderness. It was the first region introduced, and is where new Captains will begin.


The Reach is an untamed region that Albion has begun to colonize. Long ago, it was ruled and carefully cultivated by a Judgement known as The Garden-King, but upon his death, it grew wild and dangerous. Despite the lack of a sun, The Reach still remains lit thanks to an abundance of luminous plants and fungi.

After London's conquest of Albion, it looked to The Reach to expand its frontiers. The Parzifal, the first locomotive to pass through the Avid Horizon, was sent on an expedition to chart The Reach, but was never seen again. This did not deter the British, however, and after the establishment of Port Prosper and its Transit Relay, the region was soon awash with agents of the Empire-backed Windward Company, settlers seeking a fresh start, and miners in search of new sources of hours. The early settlement of New Winchester at The Reach's core rapidly grew into the region's de facto capital, and additional Transit Relays transformed it into a hub linking Albion to Eleutheria and The Blue Kingdom.

Unfortunately, the euphoria of claiming a new land eventually gave way to political frictions as the settlers began to disagree about The Reach's future. The Windward Company and supporters of Her Enduring Majesty, the Stovepipes, wanted The Reach to remain part of the New British Empire, while numerous independence-minded settlers, the Tacketies, wanted to establish a new, egalitarian state, free of Albion's dreaded workworlds and the crushing apathy of its bureaucracy. These tensions exploded into open conflict over control of New Winchester and The Reach that became known as the Winchester War. Following a series of bloody, large-scale locomotive battles, both sides fell into a stalemate. With the outcome of the war unclear, skirmishes between the Stovepipes and Tacketies continue throughout the region apart from New Winchester, which serves as a neutral ground that, for the time being, hosts both the headquarters of Windward Company and the Tacketies' Colonial Assembly.


The Reach consists of six segments. The central Port of New Winchester is always in a fixed direction in the middle, the other five are randomly placed around it. 120 different combinations are therefore possible, however disregarding the relativ orientation to New Winchester there are only 24 different map compositions.

The outer segments are:

The edges of the segments are not consistently out of Rock/Obstacles and therefore allow passage between adjacent segments where two open spaces meet. However this can also lead to the creation of cul-de-sacks, most commonly around Hybras, wich is mostly closed of by itself.


Name Circle in the Reach Log Entries
Newwinchester icon.png New Winchester Centre

A distant clamour of engine-yards. An accretion of smog on the windows.
The taste of smog. The sound of iron on iron. We are home.
Wispy condensation trails cross the sky; the ghosts of passing trains.

Newwinchester icon.png Company House Centre (none)
Newwinchester icon.png Victory Hall Centre (none)
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's Outer

A carmine glow burns in the dark: Magdalene's, where you can buy comforting lies.
"Can we stop at Magdalene's, Captain?" a stoker pleads. "We've been too long in the sky." The impertinence!
Your bridge windows fog with recent steam-trails. This place is well-frequented.

Circus icon.png Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus Outer

A cluster of islands lie in the mists. Strings of bunting flutter, optimistically, between them.
Coloured searchlights play across the clouds. They cast wild shadows, haloed in pink and green.
"Hark!" a signaller cries. You do, and hear the oompah-oompah of distant circus music, perpetrated by a straining tuba.

Portavon icon.png Port Avon Outer

A new smell, behind the coal and the oil: the green, unlikely scent of apples.
Ruins claw the sky, the work of giants.
Today, the sky is as cool and blue as ice in a glass.

Titania icon.png Titania Outer

A heady pollen-scent permeates the bridge, fierce as blooming lilies.
The sky-winds are calmer here. Lazy breezes, prickled with pollen.
You hear a distant drone. A crewman grimaces. "Chorister-bees," he mutters.

Carillon icon.png Carillon Outer

How quiet it is. And what's that smell? Eggs? Sulphur?
It is dark and peaceful, here. The stars are few.
The silence is eery. A stoker tries to sing, to lighten the mood. His comrade hushes him.

Hybras icon.png Hybras Outer

Drifting spores clog your engine's chimney. It splutters, then coughs, exunging them with a belch of steam.
Fungus covers this place like a blanket. It sprouts - pallid white and angry red - on every outcropping and asteroid.
The sky is quiet, here. "An ill-omened place," a crewman mutters.

Naturereserve icon.png Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve Outer

Golden lights dance in the distance, bright and brief as dandelion seeds passing through a sunbeam.
Here, the Reach's verdance runs rampant. You see knotted vines and lurid fungus, and orange flowers bright as polished trumpets.
How deep the greens! How cold the stars! How wild the Reach has run, with no sun to govern it.

Lustrum icon.png Lustrum Outer

A flurry of snow blows past the window. A crewman curses the cold.
Frost filigrees the window. The crew shivers. A pipe splits in the cold.
Snow-laden peaks rise from the mists. And dwarfing them all, the impossible immensity of the Mother of Mountains.

Portprosper icon.png Port Prosper Outer

A rumble of far-off refineries. Distant searchlights rake the sky.

Traitorswood icon.png Traitor's Wood Outer

A forest of towering bronzewoods. The wind is full of fallen leaves. They rattle at your engine's windows.
A stoker sings, "I have nae home, nae love, nae gold. I have nae breath; my heart is cold. So fold my arms and raise my hood; and lay me down in Traitor's Wood."
Beneath you stretches a wood as wide as a sea. The boughs groan. The leaves whisper.

Discoveries and Spectacles[]

Name Circle in the Reach Spectacle Type Explorable? Log Entries Notes
Well green icon.png Old Tom's Well Outer Horror Yes

"Careful, Captain," a signaller whispers. "Lest the well-winds take us."
The well's depths are as black as a strangler's heart.
Well-winds ravage the sky. Your hull groans. Someone is praying.

Shows on the map as a large vortex.
Portgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Parzifal Outer - Yes A once-proud engine drifts here, riven by a destructive growth of fungus. Found near the forest of Traitor's Wood.
Apoidean Gardens Outer Wonder Yes Your navigator is entranced by the wash of flowers. '...and soon arrived in fields of asphodel,' they recite, 'the home of shadows who have been worn to weariness'. Found near Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve.
Braley Rock Outer Horror Yes Miners dug too deep into this worldlet, disturbing a disgruntlement of Cantankeri. Found near Port Prosper
Desolation of Saliba Outer Horror No Sigils crawl on these ancient ruins like marching ants.
Faith's Fall Outer Horror Yes Behold. The remains of a celestial behemoth, rotting gently.

"A Messenger of the Heavens", breathes a member of your crew. There are tears in his eyes.

Found near Hybras
Grave of the Silent Saint Outer Horror Yes How deeply do the dead sleep? Fly softly.

See! Even death may die.

Found near Lustrum
Memorial to the Unknown Rat Outer Wonder No You approach the Memorial to the Unknown Rat. One by one, your crew remove their hats. Found near Port Prosper
Regent's Grave Outer Horror Yes You near the heart of the wood, silent and solemn. Found near Traitor's Wood.
Regent's Tears Outer Wonder Yes A tremble in the air, which swells to a thunder.

The falls cascade through the sky, alight with all the hues of heaven.
"The Regent's Tears!" a crewman cries. The rest of the crew crowd to the windows, eager for a glance.

Found near Traitor's Wood.
Schwartz's Oath Outer Horror No The ruins of an ancient structure, once kissed by a long-dead sun.
Tiggelaar's Haunt Outer Horror No Sigils glow on these ruins, lambent in the mist.

Region Hub Ports Discoveries / Spectacles
The Reach Newwinchester icon.png New Winchester Carillon icon.png Carillon

Hybras icon.png Hybras
Naturereserve icon.png Leadbeater & Stainrod's Nature Reserve
Lustrum icon.png Lustrum
Magdalenes icon.png Magdalene's
Circus icon.png Polmear & Plenty's Inconceivable Circus
Portavon icon.png Port Avon
Portprosper icon.png Port Prosper
Titania icon.png Titania
Traitorswood icon.png Traitor's Wood
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Signalbox icon.png An Abandoned Signal Box

Default icon.png Faith's Fall
Well green icon.png Old Tom's Well
Regentsgrave icon.png Regent's Grave
Rose icon.png The Flowerfields
Default icon.png The Regent's Tears
Wreckgeneric icon.png The Silent Saint
Reach icon.png The War of Fossils
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Parzifal

Albion London icon.png London Avidhorizon icon.png Avid Horizon (The Stair to the Sea)

Perdurance icon.png Perdurance
Brabazon icon.png The Brabazon Workworld
Clockworksun icon.png The Clockwork Sun
Floatingparliament icon.png The Floating Parliament
Serenemausoleum icon.png The Most Serene Mausoleum
Royalsociety icon.png The Royal Society
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays
Worlebury icon.png Worlebury-juxta-Mare

Default icon.png Skyhenge

Lantern icon.png St Anthony's Lighthouse
Avidhorizon icon.png The Avid Horizon
Well purple icon.png Well of the Wolf
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Boatman

Eleutheria Pan icon.png Pan Achlys icon.png Achlys

Caduceus icon.png Caduceus
Eaglesempyrean icon.png Eagle's Empyrean
Langleyhall icon.png Langley Hall
Piranesi icon.png Piranesi
Houseofrodsandchains icon.png The House of Rods and Chains
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relays

Default icon.png The Xanthous Moon

Well yellow icon.png The Well of Wonders
Wreckgeneric icon.png Wreck of the Berrenger

The Blue Kingdom Tolltower icon.png Sky Barnet Deathsdoorstep icon.png Death's Door (The Shadow of the Sun)

Forgeofsouls icon.png The Forge of Souls
Whitewell icon.png The White Well (Wellmouth)
Transitrelay icon.png Transit Relay

Deathsdoorstep icon.png Horologion