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The Well of Wonders
Well yellow ambience.png
The Well of Wonders (Sidebar)
Located in Eleutheria
Ports None

The The Well of Wonders is a Discovery in the outer circle of Eleutheria.

When nearby, it has the same effect on Terror as a Horror spectacle. When above the well, you will be prompted to "Approach" by pressing R, beginning the storylets.

Log Entries[]

Your engine rocks, caught in the turbulence of a well that is trying to swallow the sky.

Fatalistic Signalman: "A Well. Best to give it a wide berth."
Fur flies. The Rat Brigade at each others' throats over the division of a biscuit. The moment passes. Awkward silence.
Incognito Princess: "I find Wells terribly romantic, don't you? So mysterious. So avid."
Repentant Devil: "Wells are prisons, Captain. Remember that.
Turbulence shakes the train. The Incautious Driver cackles.
Your Aunt's lips move silently, as if reading something that only she can see.
"They put on plays here." The Clay Conductor expects you to recognise that this is not a good thing.

Approaching the Well of Wonders
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 292750

Approaching the Well of Wonders[]

"The air is thick as treacle. Rocks rattle against the hull, thrown by the well-winds. Ballad of the Solonacean Conjunction(MusicPlays)"


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Descend into the Well
Hulls can be repaired.
Between the well's pull and the well-winds' push, your locomotive is jerked and jolted. The engine-room is unbearable. But before your stokers collapse, you push through to a calm beneath the storm; a bubble of peace surrounding a floating garden. Here, a maze of pebbled paths and immaculate hedges leads only to vicious thorned bushes which surround the island. A full half of the place is dominated by a Grecian style theatre, with seats carved out of a hill to face a stage of bone-white sand.
Descend into the Well
What remains now that the play is over?
The Remnants of a Story
The thorn bushes have conquered grass and rock alike, growing over what remains of the maze, the theatre and its stage. Dried blood and blackened ash still mark the site of your performance. There is nowhere to put down the locomotive.
Return to the Garden
Something draws you back to this twisted place.
Welcome back
I knew you would come return.
Depart this place
Stoke the engines. Fight the pull of the Well.
Onwards and away
Full steam ahead. You return to more familiar stars.
Look into the well
The well will look back.

Game note: This will enable you to lose your well rites, or perform the Rite of Raving.

A Disturbance
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 292881

A Disturbance[]


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
The silence is broken
Clumsy animal footsteps. The stench of human flesh in my presence.
A Disturbance
Trespassers. You walk my paths. Pluck the fruit from my trees. Gorge yourselves until your bellies ache and your fat chins glisten with juice. Enjoy your stolen feast. You, and you; you will join my chorus. The rest of you are not worthy of a role.
That one. The Captain. Walking alone...
The Captain. Yes. A different kind of soul.

A spark of potential? Perhaps. We shall see...

Prepare to wake up, my children. We have guests.
Visitors from far away. A new taste in the air.
A Disturbance
You trespass in my garden.
A Disturbance
Awake. The play will begin once again. This time my story will be told.

A Garden Where Time Is Still
Category Story Event
Type Story
Data ID 292883

A Garden Where Time Is Still[]

The humans disembark to enjoy the calm my garden provides. Flower-perfumed air brushes their oily skin. Red apples burden the trees and swollen berries cluster on every bush. They pause, cautious, but soon feasting begins.


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
The Captain explores the Garden
They find themselves in a clearing, shaded by cedar and oak.
The Eternal Tea Party
The Trespasser Captain approaches warily, despite the welcoming scents of afternoon tea. The tea is hot. The scones are soft and warm, dribbling with butter and strawberry jam. My guests sit frozen in their endless repast, watching eternity through unblinking, bloodshot eyes.
The Captain looks closer at the Lost Girl
The Speaker of my Truth. The first of my delightful pets.
She fled her life – all the way down a rabbit-hole. In my garden, that dream came true. So many years have not passed for her since then.
The Captain examines the Restless Vagabond
My King Who Wars. Who else could take on such a role?
His wanderings followed the sun beyond the edge of any map. But all such travels must cease, eventually.
The Captain examines the Runaway Scion
A poor match for the King Who Speaks, but one that suffices.
A prince-in-waiting, fleeing an extinct kingdom. I have seen the royal blood spilled many times. His veins will not endure another performance of my story.
The Captain pokes at the Thrice-Dead Bride
Every Chorus needs its Mistress.
She found profit in love and death, many times over. Her story should have ended at the bottom of the well where her last 'victim' overcame her. But the deepest wells often echo each other. When circumstances are right, their depths can bleed together.
The Captain considers the Careless Scholar
My dear Prince Apostle prepares for the final show.
The knowledge tempts people to strange shores. What did they think they would find with that contraption of mirrors and glass? A chance at glory? Soon, my Scholar.
The Captain notices the empty seat
A spare stone bench by the table, awaiting its player.
Will you sit in it, my Captain? Are you at last the one our story has waited for? The stage is set. The stars themselves hold their breath.
The Captain tours my Theatre
Preparations are complete, but for one last thing.
The stage is set
It is perfect. I would not permit otherwise. The Trespasser Captain stands on my stage to witness the entrance of the audience. Their crew fills the front row. More of their kind, recent arrivals, take the next few rows. Behind them, men of rubber and outcast bats and buzzing devils and— the rest are of no consequence. They can only hope for the privilege of witnessing a story greater than their own. They will finally have that chance.
The Captain turns to leave
No. You have been chosen for greatness. Take your seat.
The Trespasser Captain resists
Leave then, Captain. But my song will remain, whispering of the glory that you could have known. When it draws you back, my cast will be waiting. You will return.
The Captain takes their assigned seat
The play begins...
The Captain takes their assigned seat
The play begins...