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Victory Hall
Newwinchester ambience.png
Victory Hall (Sidebar)
Located in The Reach
Ports Victory Hall
Shops none
Data ID 109454

Victory Hall is a platform in The Reach. It occupies the very middle of the central circle, close to New Winchester.

Victory Hall[]

The Assembly – a coalition of independent-minded settlers colloquially called 'Tacketies' – gather and argue, here. Deliver port reports here to receive rewards and win the Tacketies' favour.

Visit Victory Hall
Category Story Event
Type Story
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Visit Victory Hall[]

Raised in the wake of the blockade of New Winchester, this magnificence of glass and steel houses the Colonial Assembly. Here, representatives of the independent ports of the Reach gather, and quarrel.

Trigger conditions

Verdantseeds icon.png Dominant in the Reach ≤ 2,


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Take a look around
The Tacketies – those settlers who want independence from London – may have work for a skyfarer.
The music of democracy
Today, the chambers of Victory Hall echo with shouting. The Assembly is in session, and outraged roars descend from the boardroom to the palatial lobby.

A discreet functionary escorts you from the premises before you hear anything too juicy. "You're a captain, aren't you?" she enquires, once you're safely outside. "If you want to be of service, bring us news from other ports. The Windward Company have spies everywhere, and we need recent, accurate information of our own."

Game note: As you visit ports, you may obtain Port Reports. Turn them in at Victory Hall or Company House to receive rewards.

Deliver your port reports to the Indurate Veteran
Her tireless exertions during the Blockade earned her both a seat on the Assembly and enemies in London. She likes to keep abreast of events.

Game note: This will influence the balance of power in the Reach in favour of the Tacketies, the colonists seeking Independence from London.

Services rendered
She listens with a scowl. "Well, I'd rather know than not, I suppose. And thank you for bringing this to me, rather than the b___dy Stovepipes. I'll arrange a gratuity."
Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Trade Favour for a Savage Secret
It's time she told you a few things.
A favour repaid
She leans close before she speaks. Her voice is low, and laden with tobacco. She shares what she knows of several motions that have not yet reached the Assembly floor. Some would make changes to laws that it is helpful to know about in advance.
Trade Favour for an Otherworldly Artefact
It is customary for Representatives to bring gifts from their territories: examples of local craftsmanship; mysterious finds, untangled from the knotty roots of the Reach. The peculiarities are added to the overflowing cabinets in the Ward-Griffiths Archive.
"Help yourself..."
The archive is a jumble, semi-sorted and barely catalogued. The curator, an indifferent man plagued by a phlegmy cough, is happy to loan you an exhibit. He doesn't check it out. There is no talk of returning it. If anything, he's happy to see it gone.
Trade Favour to affect the balance of power in the Reach
You've provided a great deal of information. Rather than repaying the debt, you'd rather the Tacketies used it in the cause of independence.
Behind the scenes
The Indurate Veteran leads you to her office. It is panelled with bronzewood. A painting from the old world hangs on one wall: a single sun burning in a bleak blue sky. Below the sun is a temple, tiered with brightly-coloured gods. The Veteran pours you brandy, and you discuss distant ports and the patterns of recent events. "Independence is a charming idea," she confesses, after an hour. "But when London comes, it'll take a nation to stand against her."
Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Chat with the Indurate Veteran
She is taking a moment in the atrium, watching the stars burn coldly in the mists.

Game note: Learn how you can be of use to the Tacketies, those colonists seeking independence from London.

An opportunity
Her skin is brown and her hair is beginning to grey. She wears a heavy, unbuttoned coat – medals gleam in the shadows behind its lapels. One half of her face is scarred from frostbite. She is enjoying a quiet cigarillo while her peers argue in the Chamber of Assembly.

You talk for a while about life in the skies. When her cigarillo is just a stub, she says, "I'd be grateful to hear reports of your travels, Addressed As(SpeechFormal). I suspect all manner of strife and imprudence is going to kick off in the foreseeable. I mean to be ready for it."

Game note: As you visit ports, you may obtain Port Reports. Turn them in at Victory Hall to receive rewards.

Surrender your Contraband
The Tacketies will undoubtedly find a use for it.
Weapons of War
The Tacketies quickly unload the contraband from your engine. It will help them grease the political wheels out here, and at no risk to yourself.
Advanced alteration value probably needs examination.

Victory Hall
Victory Hall (Sidebar)
Located in The Reach
Ports Victory Hall
Shops none
Data ID 273744

Victory Hall is Abandoned[]

The Reach is home to an ongoing struggle between London (via its proxy, the Windward Company) and those settlers who want independence. Things have gone poorly for the Tacketies, lately. Their leaders have been forced to abandon New Winchester. Victory Hall, once raucous with free-minded bickering and rebellious sentiment, now stands empty. The windows are broken or boarded closed, and signs reading 'CONDEMNED' adorn the walls.

Trigger conditions

Verdantseeds icon.png Dominant in the Reach ≥ 3


Actions Requirements Effects Notes
Enquire as to the fate of the Indurate Veteran and Colonial Assembly
It is an open secret. The Assembly has withdrawn to Lustrum, and .
Far to go
Perhaps, if the fortunes of the Tacketies improve, and those of the Company worsen, the Assembly will one day return to New Winchester. But for now, any business you have with them must be conducted on the slopes of the Mother of Mountains, on the outer edge of the Reach.

Winchester War[]

These triggered events can happen when you enter port at New Winchester, Victory Hall, Company House

Recent News[]

Locomotive.pngRecent News: A downed locomotive on Hybras

Unaccountablypeckish.pngRecent News: Propaganda at Carillon

Unaccountablypeckish.pngRecent News: Spies in Traitor's Wood

Envelope.pngRecent News: A War Hero Returned

A change in dominance[]

These happen when the fortunes of a side have shifted up or down enough

Dominance change events

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