Sunless Skies Wiki

Per the new Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy, editors must follow certain rules in editing the wiki. Violators of these rules may received punitive actions ranging from warnings to bans (temporary or permanent).

  • Keep it civil.
  • Follow the pre-established format of the wiki.
  • Do not engage in edit wars - Any conflict or disagreement in editing should be discussed and solved in the "Talk:" pages or outside the wiki.
  • Do not insert any advertising or promotion of any sorts to the wiki.
  • Do not insert misleading information to the wiki - "Misleading information" includes (but not limited to) spam, vandalism, joke edit, etc.
  • Do not attempt any intimidating behaviour / harassment towards other users - Attempting to do so outside the wiki also warrants a ban.
  • Ban evading / sockpuppetry will received permanent bans.